If you choose to solve your health problem at the “InnMed” clinic, be sure that our specialists will give you their full attention, provide a detailed consultation, and perform all the necessary tests using the latest diagnostic equipment. Doctors will prescribe the most suitable and effective treatment method for your case, which will help you recover faster. Our staff will take care of your comfort and support you throughout the recovery process. When you contact us, you become part of the InnMed family.

Our goal is to help patients solve their health problems in the most efficient way, using all our attention and knowledge.

Experienced doctors - professionals

Effective and efficient treatment methods

Special and delicate attention to the patient

Professional, experienced and patient-attentive medical specialists, using modern equipment, applying effective, health-saving treatment methods, carefully analyze each case and supervise the patient during the entire recovery process.

We pay special attention to the quality, safety and confidentiality of medical services. Our goal is to help you recover faster!
The entire InnMed clinic team makes sure that your visit to the InnMed clinic is comfortable and pleasant.

You are the priority of the InnMed clinic.

Doctors, surgeons and proctologists at InnMed Medical Clinic are focused on comfortable and painless treatment of proctological diseases. The clinic provides detailed consultations of doctors, surgeons and proctologists, and conducts detailed examinations and procedures. Procedures can be performed during the same visit, saving patients time.

The InnMed clinic employs some of the best specialists in their field. Using advanced medical equipment, modern innovative medical technologies help to treat hemorrhoids and other diseases of the rectum and exit opening comfortably and efficiently, without drastic surgical interventions.

The clinic pays special attention to the treatment of hemorrhoids: medicinal treatment methods are applied, individual treatment plans and schemes are drawn up, hemorrhoids are treated with rings (latex ligation of hemorrhoidal nodes), hemorrhoids are treated with infrared coagulation, and sclerotherapy is performed. In the later stages of hemorrhoids, the HAL-RAR method recommended by Austrian doctors is used for treatment. This is one of the most effective hemorrhoid treatment procedures, helping to say goodbye to hemorrhoids without scalpel intervention and a long postoperative period.

At the InnMed clinic, thrombectomy is performed – a procedure for removing a perianal thrombus. Also – polypectomy – removal of anal polyps by email. coagulation method. Anal fissures are treated, excision of excess skin of the anus is performed on an outpatient basis. Warts, papillomas, condylomas, and other unwanted, non-malignant formations are removed from the intimate areas of the body.

Understanding how sensitive and vulnerable a patient with a proctological health problem is, the clinic’s doctors pay individual attention to each person. Respecting and caring for their patients, doctors look for the best solution, doctors’ councils are organized with Lithuanian and foreign specialists.

“InnMed” clinic doctors are ready to help you recover faster and forget the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids forever.

The InnMed clinic employs experienced and professional urologists. Highly qualified specialists help women and men preserve their health and significantly improve it every day. In each case of referral, useful recommendations are provided, effective medicinal preparations are prescribed.

The InnMed clinic carries out comprehensive general and specialized laboratory tests, as well as examination and treatment of infectious or sexually transmitted diseases. A detailed urological echoscopy (ultrasound examination of the kidneys, bladder, prostate, testicles), biotensiometry (used to test the sensitivity of the penis), uroflowmetry is performed.
The clinic treats prostatitis, orchitis, balanoposthitis, prostate adenoma, phimosis. Aesthetic foreskin plastic, frenuloplasty, penile ligament surgery are performed, safely and painlessly from the intimate area of the body. coagulation removes warts, papillomas, condylomas, and other unwanted and benign formations.

Special attention is paid to the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This men’s sensitive health problem is solved by means of medication regimens and treatment plans, injectable preparations or an innovative medical device of Israeli manufacturers – low-frequency stimulation therapy of 4 sessions, considered a real breakthrough in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Expert urologists analyze each case individually, choosing the most effective treatment method to solve the health problem.

The InnMed clinic employs experienced, professional, qualified obstetrician-gynecologists who are sensitive and attentive to women. Our gynecologists analyze each case individually, carry out detailed laboratory tests, ultrasound of the gynecological area (ultrasound examinations of the uterus, ovaries, urinary organs), PAP examination of the cervix, examination and treatment of infectious and sexually transmitted diseases.
Gynecological diseases and inflammations are treated by creating individualized treatment plans and schemes. The recovery process is supervised and monitored. Cervical erosion treatment is performed, warts, papillomas, and condylomas are removed from intimate areas of the body using a safe and painless electrocoagulator technique.

Gynecologists who can be proud of many years of experience in the delivery department provide high-quality health check-ups and pregnancy care for those planning a pregnancy at the InnMed clinic. Detailed ultrasound examinations of the fetus, NIPT examinations are performed, and the results of designated specialized laboratory tests are analyzed. The entire pregnancy is managed comfortably, women feel safe, surrounded by pleasant and cozy attention and care.

“InnMed” clinic provides aesthetic gynecology services, gynecological plastic surgery is performed – vagina, labia plasticity, G spot correction, hymenoplasty. PRP (platelet-enriched plasma), hyaluronan injections are prescribed to treat vaginal dryness.

By entrusting your health to the obstetrician-gynecologists of the InnMed clinic, you are in good and reliable hands of specialists!

The “InnMed” clinic employs experienced and qualified plastic-reconstructive surgery doctors who pay special attention to the expectations of patients, the concept of beauty and the goal set together with the specialist. Everything starts with a detailed and attentive consultation, during which the areas that need to be corrected are analyzed, the whole is evaluated and the most suitable and effective solution is chosen for a specific case.

InnMed plastic surgeons perform upper eyelid lift plastic surgery, undereye correction, face or neck lift, hump reduction or removal, breast corrections (breast lift, augmentation with implants or fat, breast reduction, implant replacement, indented nipples, areola corrections), fat suctioning from different parts of the body, transfer of fat from the place of excess fat deposits to the places to be corrected – face, breasts, neck. For men, gynecomastia and testicular implants are successfully performed.

Plastic surgeons perform beauty injections every day – PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections for scar removal, starting a self-rejuvenating process in the face or hair area (which at the same time promotes hair growth if you notice hair thinning or balding), botulinum injections for wrinkle removal, hyaluronic injections for lip plumping, for reducing wrinkles, rejuvenating the intimate area.

Each case is given individual attention, and in complex cases doctors’ councils are organized with Lithuanian or foreign specialists.

InnMed plastic surgeons respect and protect their patients, take care of the patient’s post-operative well-being, and at the same time strive to ensure that every person who applies is satisfied with the service provided, the quality of communication and, most importantly, with themselves!

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