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Complex treatment
of proctological diseases

Unpainfull, effictive and efficient treatment of hemorrhoids, anal tears and other proctological diseases at one of the best doctors in Vilnius.
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Innovative, effective and comfortable method of hemorrhoids treatment, recommended by Austrian doctors – Hal Rar
Minimaly invasive procedures witout pain and discomfort
All kinds of diagnostics and treatment in one clinic

Complex and comprehensive solution of proctological problems

Proktologas Edgaras Smolskas
All modern diagnostic metods
State of the art treatment methods
Innovative, effective and comfortable method of hemorrhoids treatment, recommended by Austrian doctors – Hal Rar
Treatment methods that require minimal invasion and are body – friendly
Attentive and caring attitude to the patient, effective and individual treatment

Gastrointestinal health check program

The program consists of:
  • 2 consultations with a proctologist;
  • Rectoscopy / anoscopy;
  • Specialized laboratory tests;
  • Doctor’s recommendation or treatment plan.
Proktologas Mantas Drungilas
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Innovative and modern treatment of proctological diseases,
all in one clinic in the center of Vilnius

Intestival and anal problem solutions with non invasive and minimally invasive methods.

Hemorrhoids is one of the most common proctological disease. Most patient live their daily life suffering from unpleasant symptoms and delays their visit to the doctor. But it is important to know that early diagnosis makes treatment easier. By ignoring the symptoms and neglecting the disease you may risk to develop another serious illness, an uncospicuous colorectal cancer.
These symptoms shows that it is important to contact doctor proctologist:
These symptoms shows that it is important to contact doctor proctologist:
  • Pain and bleeding during defecation;
  • Itching and severity in anal area;
  • Frequent constipation or diarrhea;
  • Hard groud appeared in anal area.
Hard groud appeared in anal area
Treatment of hemorrhoids by Hal-Rar method

Treatment of hemorrhoids by Hal-Rar method

This is the modern innovative and the least aggressive method of hemorrhoids treatment.
In terms of effectiveness, it surpasses any analogues, and also protects from recurrence of the disease. Hal-Ral method is also suitable for treatment of rectal tears and fistulas.

Doctor proctologist identifies feeding arteries and liase it, which disrupts the blood supply to th hemorrhoids. After that arteries are suturated and bandaged with dissolving sutures. When blood frol is prevented, the haemorrhagic nodules usually dissappear after 10 to 14 days. They are absorbed into the rectum and are gradually eliminated from the body with the faeces.
Advantages of the procedure:
Advantages of the procedure:
  • It takes up to 30 minutes;
  • procedure is unpainfull, anestesia is used only for anoscope insertion;
  • process of natural regeneration;
  • after few days you can return to full life.
after few days you can return to full life
Ligation of hemorrhoids with latex rings

Ligation of hemorrhoids with latex rings

This non surgical method of hemorrhoids treatment is one of the most effective and minimally invasive. Procedure takes only few minutes. Using the ligator, doctor puts latex ring on emorrhhoidal node. This ring stops blood flow and this leads to tissue necrosis and dissappearance of the hemorrhoid node. After that node falls off and excrets naturally with the faeces. A small wound remain in that area, which soon heals completely.

This is absolutelly unpainfull procedure, performed outpatient. There are no pain receptors in the micous membrane of the anus, so you do not need anesthesia. After the procedure, the patient can immediatelly return to their daily activities and normal life.

Method is used for 1,2 and less frequently stage 3 hemorrhoids. Special diet is advised for few days before and after the procedure.
efficiency is ensured by using latex rings for hemorrhoids treatment.
Infrared coagulation

Infrared coagulation

This is minimally invasive procedure for nodes combustion using a powerful infrared stream.. Coagulator emmits heat radiation, which destroys blood vessels inside the node, and as a result of this, the node loses blood feeding and this leads to necrosis of the node.

«InnMed» clinic uses electric coagulator for this procedure. Coagulator has extremely powerful liquid absorbing properties, and this leads to precise and safe removal of nodes.
Since the energy of the coagulator affects the node from inside, the mucous memebrane and skin around the anus are not injured. As a result, the pain is reduced to a minimum.

Method is based by liquid evaporation in the tissues, avoiding surgical intervention, minimises the risk of scarfs. Excellent results are obtained using this method.

This method is used to treat 1st and 2nd stage of hemorrhoids.
Hemorrhoid sclerotherapy

Hemorrhoid sclerotherapy

It is non surgical, minimally invasive treatment method, by injecting sclerosing drug into hemorrhoids node. As a result of this, a local chemical process is activated, which provokes the growth and adhesion of vascular walls.

Procedures is performed outpatient, using local anesthesia. Patient do not feel any pain or discomfort, and can immediatelly return to full life. Sclerotherapy is applied in early stages of the hemorrhoids, when hemorrhoid nodes are relatively small.
Sclerotherapy contraindications:
Sclerotherapy contraindications:
  • anus tears;
  • inflamation of hemorrhoid nodes or intestinal mucosa;
  • thrombosis.
Sclerotherapy method is safe and very suitable for older patients.
Coagulation of anus tears

Coagulation of anus tears

Anus tears are skin scrathes in the anal area. Most common reasons for this disease are inflamations of the gastrointestinal tract, constipations, mechanical injuries. Size of the tear varies from few milimeters to 2 centimeters.
This is one of the most common proctological diseases. These symptoms are most common for this disease:
This is one of the most common proctological diseases. These symptoms are most common for this disease:
  • Pain during and after defecation;
  • Frequent constipation:
  • Rash and swelling in the anal area;
  • Bloody discharge during defecation.

Medical products are prescribed treatment of for rectal ruptures. If these products do not help, or the effect is short –term, a surgical intervention is needed. „InnMed“ clinic treats anus tears by minimally invasive method – using coagulation. Procedure is performed using local anaesthesia. Postoperative period is short and does not cause any inconvenience.

If anal tears are not treated on time, and doctor is not visited timely, acute tears can turn into a chronic ones, and this can provoke the appearance of growths and fistulas. Than a surgical intervention is inevitably in order to solve the problem.


Anal polyps or colon polyps are the benign tumors that often do not cause any symptoms. Large polyps can be accompanied by bleeding and frequent urination. If the formation is near the anus, there may be a feeling of foreign body in rectum or the feeling of incomplete defeacation.

Diagnosis of the disease is made after anoscopy or rectoscopy.
Usually polyps are removed endoscopically and larger ones are removed by laparoscopic polyectomy.

Polypectomy is minimally invasive surgical procedure that lets quiqkly and unpainfully remove the polyps in the anus canal, from the inner wall of the colon or from the digestive organs. Removed tissues are sent to laboratory for histologic examination.

This method is safe, fast and reliable. Surgery takes 20 minutes. Postoperative period is usually easy and without complications.

Untreated and unremoved polyps can develop into maligancies over time.


Perianal thrombosis is a dangerous complication of hemorrhoids. Constipation, diarrhea, prolonged stress, hard physical work leads to hemorrhoidal node thrombosis.

Large hemorrhoidal nodules breaks off during defecation and gets stuck in the anal canal. As a result of this, they compress the veins, disrupts the blood flow, and causes thrombosis and inflammation.

Blood clots in perianal area are accompanied by acute pain in the anus canal. Pain intensifies during defecation. A person cannot sit and walk. There are large swollen nodules in the anal canal, also there may be possible bloody discharge, accompanied by unpleasant smell, fever, chill, urinary retention and bleeding.

«InnMed» treats hemorrhoidal thrombosis by thrombectomy. This method is recognized as fastest and most efficient. The feel of pain disappear immediatelly after the operation and the recovery period is very short.

Perianal thrombs are very dangerous: inflammatory clots in the anal canal may enter the lung arteries or other internal organs, can cause sepsis, tissue necrosis or even death.
It is easier to prevent diseases, than to cure it!

Full complex proctological examination only 110 EUR

Full complex examination includes review, consultation, anoscopy, rectoscopy, diagnosis and treatment prescription.
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I am very grateful to Dr. Mantas Drungilas. He explained everything in detail, suggested treatment options and provided me recommendations for prevention. It is obvious — he is the professional.


At first I was ashamed to, tai buvo labai nejauku, but the problem worried me a lot. Now, there are no doubts. Great clinic! Subtle attitude and great relationship with the patient!


I treat an unpleasant problem here. I expected pain and that it will be hard to walk and sit. But I have recovered in just a few days! The treatment went unnoticed.


Thank you so much for the professional attitude. They listened very intently and answered all my questions very patiently. Doctors have good hands, do their job without any haste, but at the same time very quickly.


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