Advanced treatment of erectile dysfunction, men’s and women’s urological health problems are solved, effective medicinal, procedural and surgical treatment methods are applied by some of the best urologists in Vilnius

For men and women - a wide range of diagnostic tests and treatment methods and individual attention

Treatment of erectile dysfunction with advanced medical equipment from Israel

Urological diseases are treated in a minimally invasive way, comfortably and professionally: medicinally, procedurally and surgically

In the “InnMed” medical clinic, urologists diagnose and treat:

  • Bladder diseases: bladder inflammation (cystitis), bladder stones, etc.;
  • Urinary disorders: urinary incontinence, frequent urination, urinary retention, painful urination;
  • Diseases of the genital system;
  • Kidney diseases: kidney stones, etc.;
  • Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, infectious diseases;
  • Infertility problems;
  • Urological diseases: prostatitis, balanoposthitis, prostate adenoma, phimosis, etc.;
  • Undesirable formations in the genital area: removes warts, papilloma, condyloma, etc.;
  • Performs medical and plastic surgeries of the foreskin, narrow, short penile ligament, etc.

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“MORENOVA” treatment of urogynecological disorders

We help our patients to recover their health, and they are thankful to us and share their impressions

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Thank you for my doctor Ignas Lukošius for noticing my problem in time during my preventive visit. Thank you for providing me a professional treatment that helped me. Now I feel no pain. I do not know where i would be if not yours attention.
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Fast and qualitative. The clinic itself is very tidy, modern and the staff is very polite. I had surgery here and I was very worried. In the end, it was neither painful nor scary. After the operation my health was monitored and there vere no side effects. I am ver happy with the amazing result.
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I thank all specialist of the clinic for the quality treatment and psychological support. Now all the challenges and hardships of the past are gone. As well as the disease. I will always remember te clinic and always mention it with good word. And I will always return for a preventive check.
R. L.
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I had an operation in the clinic at the end of December and I am just writing to thank you for your service and professionalism. I am very glad that I chose your clinic and urologist Ignas Lukošius. Everything was done professionally and pleasantly, and the result was even better than I expected. After the operation, I was recommended an additional consultation in early January. Since things healed very quickly and beautifully, I didn’t see the need for additional advice. That is partly why I am writing this letter. I just didn’t have a chance to thank you. Due to the sensitive nature of the problem, I had various fears and anxieties before the surgery. As a result, it took many years to resolve the issue. The only thing I’m sorry about right now is that I haven’t done it before. Thanks to the whole team and especially to Ignas Lukošis.