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Complex treatment of urological diseases

One of the best doctors urologists in Vilnius, applies innovative methods of treatment of erctile dysfunction and performs treatment of other urological diseases.
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Innovative and modern equipment from well known and trusted manufacturers
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Complete and comprehensive diagnotic of men‘s health
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All modern diagnostic methods
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Innovative urological diseases treatment
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Treatment of erectile dysfunction using linear e. Shock wawe therapy using innovative device «Renova»

«InnMed» clinic effectively and sucessfully treats erectile dysfunction using «Renova», a new generation device. Method of treatment involves low intensity and frequency linear e-shock waves that promote formation of new blood vessels and expands the existing ones.
This method is considered to be one of the most effective in erectile dysfunction treatment. Discover the advantages of this therapy:
This method is considered to be one of the most effective in erectile dysfunction treatment. Discover the advantages of this therapy:
  • It is non invasive, unpainful procedure performed outpatien;
  • Procedure consist of 4 courses, performed weekly, according individual schedule appointed by doctor;
  • Duration of the procedure — 30 minutes;
  • No side effects and undesirable consequences;
  • It is the solution for erectile dysfunction for the rest of the life!
Best choice
of patients after treatment of «Renova» equipment have completely forgot about erectile dysfunction.
Best choice
Medicational treatment of erectile dysfunction

Medicational treatment of erectile dysfunction

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is obtained based on accompanying symptoms and data analysis of examination. Depending on the diagnosis, an individual treatment is prescribed, and cosists of the following:
  • Oral drugs, improving blood flow in penis;
  • Sedatives;
  • Gel for spaying into urethra;
  • Injections to penis.
During the complex treatment of erectile dysfunction, a combination of several medical products can be prescribed.
of men notices apparent improvement after 3-4 days of this complex therapy
Prostatitis treatment

Prostatitis treatment

According to WHO statistics, 35–50% of men faces troublesome problem of prostatitis in different life periods. Unfortunatelly, prostatitis usually is left undiagnosed ant seriously influences life quality and confort. Abandoned prostate causes unpleasant symptoms such as:
  • Pain in the lower abdomen, pain during urination;
  • Weak flow of the urine and delayed onset of urination;
  • The feeling of fullness of the bladder after urination;
  • Frequent urination during nightime.
Without proper treatment and or with self medication, prostatitis can lead to serious complications such as: renal impairment and even oncological diseases.
if prostatitis is diagnosed early, you can avoid serious complications in the future.
Frenuloplasty (penile lobe plastic)

Frenuloplasty (penile lobe plastic)

Usually, men cannot themselves determine why they feel pressure and pain in the head of the penis. Narrow penile ligament can cause pain in the erection stage, penile distortion and premature ejacuation. The penile ligament stretches strongly during intercourse causing sharp pain, and higher load can cause the rupture of the ligament.

In «InnMed» clinic this problem can be solved during the first visit. Foreskin lobe plastic surgery of frenuloplasty is performed using local anesthesia. Total duration of the operation is 20-30 min. During the procedure, doctor makes cross – sections on the lobe, and lenghtens it. Patient can return home the same day.

Men can retur to their normal life immediatelly after the surgery, but during the recovery period, until the threads completely dissolve, it is recommended to abstain from intimate relationships. During this period, it is not recommended to take hot baths, swim in the ponds, lakes, etc. It is better to avoid high physical load and do not attend pools and saunas. Total recovery usually takes up to 2 weeks.

After the frenuloplasty, there is no discomfort during the erection and the patien can enjoy his full life.
Phimosis treatment

Phimosis treatment

Phimosis – is a narrowing of the foreskin. This pathology prevents the penis head being fully relapsed. Narrowed foreskin increases the risk of inflamation (penis head and foreskin), risk of urinary tract infection, penis cancer, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. It is essential to treat this pathology.
«InnMed» clinic offer 3 ways to solve this problem:
«InnMed» clinic offer 3 ways to solve this problem:
  • Medicamental treatment — by using medication ointment, on the foreskin, this improves its elasticy. Also this ointment reduces swelling, risk of skin cracs and risk of inflammatory processes;
  • Non medicamental (mechanical) treatment — is usually applied for children up to 2 years of age. This way is set to mechanicaly prolong the foreskin. This procedure is available if the necessity is decided by a doctor and with a recognition of urologist;
  • Surgical intervention — partial circumcision of narrowed skin folds. Cuts are perfomed in zigzags and the edges are sewn neatly. Good results are obtained using e-coagulation device, which ensures fast healing of the wounds.
Phimosis surgery can be performed using local or systemic anesthesia.
Prostate adenoma treatment

Prostate adenoma treatment

Prostate adenoma is a benign derivative, which can be caused by heredity, sedentary lifestyle, age realted health changes together with hormonic disorders, or inflammatory prostate diseases.

This health disorder is common for men of 40–50 years old, but the first signs can be even happened for 30–40 year old man. This can lead to early development of prostate adenoma.
Symptoms of this disease:
Symptoms of this disease:
  • Pain in the lower abdomen, pain during urination;
  • Weak flow of the urine and delayed onset of urination;
  • The feeling of fullness of the bladder after urination;
  • Frequent urination during nightime
Treatment of adenoma depends from the size of the prostate, degree of the urinary incontinence, complexity of the symptoms and their effect on the patient‘s quality of life.
of the cases atvejų, it is enough to apply medicamental treatment, and if doctor is visited in time, you can avoid suurgical treatment.
Aesthetic foreskin plastic

Aesthetic foreskin plastic

This is the invasional reconstruction procedure, during which the foreskin is circumcised. Surgery is recommended when purulent balanopostitis or inflammation causing paraphimosis reiterates and also when it is difficult to return relapsed foreskin into its primary position
Aesthetic foreskin plastic has many advantages:
Aesthetic foreskin plastic has many advantages:
  • Protects against painful erections and discomfort during intercourse;
  • Lowers the risk of purulent foreskin inflammation and penis cancer;
  • It is a good prevention for urinary tract diseases and infections;
  • Lowers the risk of develop sexually transmitted diseases;
  • You can avoid premature ejacuation during intercourse.
Surgery is performed by appling local of sistemic anesthesia, which causes no discomfort. Rehabilitation duration is only 2-3 weeks.
Treatment of sexually transmitted and infectious diseases

Treatment of sexually transmitted and infectious diseases

STD is a diseases that are transmitted during sexual intercourse. Some diseases have no symptoms, so the accurate diagnosis can only be made after appropriate laboratory tests.

Even an infected patient who does not feel any symptoms from the infection, can be the infection source to the other peoople. At the same time, sexually transmitted and incurable infectious disease, gradually harms the body, by causing chronic and health threatening diseases.
Symptoms showing obvious reasons to visit urologist:
Symptoms showing obvious reasons to visit urologist:
  • Penile discharge;
  • Blisters or wounds on the penis or anus;
  • Burning sensation and itching of the genitals or anus;
  • Increased urination;
  • Painfull feeling during the urination and intercourse.
If you suspect that you may be infected with STDs, or you may had sex with infected person, contact your urologists immediatelly contact your urologist.
Removal of warts, atheromas, papillomas and candylomas from external genitalia

Removal of warts, atheromas, papillomas and candylomas from external genitalia

Genital warts, papillomas, atheromas and other derivatives occur on the external genitalia, or on the mucous membranes, around the anal canal, perineum and on the buttocks. They not only looks unaesthetically, but also causes a lot of inconvenience. These formations, if untreated, can spread and grow.

Removal of warts, papillomas and other formations using this state of the art e-coagulation equipment is recognized as one of the most safe, convenient and effective methods. When removing these derivatives by art e-coagulation equipment, nearby tissues are not harmed.

As a result of this, not only the appearance of the skin of the genitals improves, but it also prevents risk of the cancer and also reduces risk of human papillomavirus transmitting to the close partners.

At «InnMed» clinic all warts, atheromas and other derivatives on the external genitalia are removed using e-coagulation equipment absolutelly safe and withou any pain.
It is easier to prevent diseases than to cure them!

Full complex urological examination only 110 €

All men, especially after 40 years old, must visit a urologist at least 1-2 times a year!
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Thank you for my doctor Ignas Lukošius for noticing my problem in time during my preventive visit. Thank you for providing me a professional treatment that helped me. Now I feel no pain. I do not know where i would be if not yours attention.


I liked Ignas Lukošius even during my first visit. I realized I could trust him. He is pleasant and professional, so I entrusted my health to him and also followed all his instruction. My delicate problem was completely solved and it took a month.


Fast and qualitative. The clinic itself is very tidy, modern and the staff is very polite. I had surgery here and I was very worried. In the end, it was neither painful nor scary. After the operation my health was monitored and there vere no side effects. I am ver happy with the amazing result.


I thank all specialist of the clinic for the quality treatment and psychological support. Now all the challenges and hardships of the past are gone. As well as the disease. I will always remember te clinic and always mention it with good word. And I will always return for a preventive check.


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