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Medical Clinic – InnMed

A delicate solution to your delicate health problems

All types of diagnostics and advanced treatment methods in one clinic
Day surgery and advanced treatment methods, devoting all attention and knowledge to you
Fast and painless therapeutic treatment in comfortable conditions
InnMed Medical Clinic was included in the TOP of the best Vilnius clinics
We work on the principle that patients must leave with answers to their problems and not return with the issue unresolved.
When you choose us, rest assured that we will perform diagnostic tests using state-of-the-art equipment. Our doctors will carefully clarify your situation and make an accurate diagnosis, while our staff will be attentive and caring, and we will take care of your health at an affordable and fair price!
Margarita Gurevičienė
Director at InnMed Innovative Medical Clinic
Margarita Gurevičienė direktorė

Detailed consultations by professional doctors, all tests, procedures and services of the day surgery department at a time convenient for you

All the most advanced methods of treating hemorrhoids and other diseases of the anus
Gift voucher for various services

Gift voucher for various services

What services can be paid for:
  • Plastic surgery services, beauty injections, etc .;
  • Preventive health screening programs, ultrasound, all blood tests;
  • All medical specialist consultations with specialized tests, procedures and operations.

InnMed combines the most advanced
treatment methods with highly qualified doctors

urologas Vilnius
Advanced diagnostic tests and comprehensive health status analysis
In the InnMed medical clinic, modern diagnostic devices are used, and all comprehensive health examinations are performed.

Advanced and innovative treatment methods are used.

Minimally invasive, advanced surgical operations are performed in the day surgery department.

Subtle proctological, urological, internal medicine, vascular, neurological, endocrine, dermatological and dermatovenerological health problems of men and women are solved.

A gynecologist with many years of experience in the delivery department provides high-quality pregnancy care and solves gynecological women’s health problems in the clinic.
InnMed Medical Clinic is a clinic of the highest standard
The medical clinic “InnMed” already entered the TOP of the best medical clinics in Vilnius during its first years of operation.

In this clinic, they will always communicate with you respectfully and politely, they will delve into your health problem, analyze it and give all their attention and knowledge to help you recover faster.

Some of the best medical specialists have gathered for a common goal – to provide quality medical services and solve patients’ health problems.

To achieve this goal, modern diagnostic medical equipment and advanced and effective treatment methods are used.
The “InnMed” medical clinic employs experienced and qualified doctors
The medical clinic “InnMed” employs experienced, professional and qualified medical specialists who are constantly training in foreign countries and continue their scientific activities.

Our doctors provide detailed consultations, make treatment plans, perform medical procedures and surgical operations.
Collegiately analyzes complex health problems of patients and searches for the best and most favorable solutions.
plastikos chirurgas Vilniuje
In the “InnMed” medical clinic, we will take care of your comfort
You are our priority. When you call the clinic’s reception, you will communicate with polite and helpful administrators who will always provide you with detailed information about the services provided at the clinic and answer all your questions.

When you enter the “InnMed” Medical Clinic, you become our most important guest, who will be cared for by helpful staff, and doctors who respect patients will provide quality and professional services that will help you recover faster.

Some of the best doctors in Vilnius are ready to help you!

Our doctors – devote all their attention and knowledge to each patient, take care and supervise the recovery process
Doctors – perform detailed health diagnostics and apply effective treatment methods
Our doctors – professionally and safely prescribe medication, perform procedural and surgical treatment. All solutions available at InnMed
Specialist doctors – try to help each patient and solve the health problem faster in the most appropriate way
Mantas Drungilas

Doctor of Abdominal Surgery and proctologist

The doctor treats hemorrhoids, anal fissures, other proctological diseases with medical, procedural and surgical methods, performs other surgical interventions: removal of lipomas and other skin formations, resection of ingrown nails, etc.

Edgaras Smolskas

Surgeon and proctologist

The doctor treats hemorrhoids, anal fissures, other proctological diseases with medical, procedural and surgical methods, performs other surgical interventions: removal of lipomas and other skin formations, resection of ingrown nails, etc.

Asta Pukinskiene

Surgeon and proctologist

Jurgis Dulinskas

Rehabilitation physician and internal medicine specialist

Olga Žemaitienė

Ultrasound doctor

Vita Klimasauskiene

Doctor surgeon and proctologist

The doctor treats hemorrhoids, anal fissures, other proctological diseases with medical, procedural and surgical methods, performs other surgical interventions: removal of lipomas and other skin formations, resection of ingrown nails, etc.

Zygimantas Zidonis

Surgeon, proctologist and abdominal surgery doctor

The doctor treats hemorrhoids, anal fissures, other proctological diseases with medical, procedural and surgical methods, performs other surgical interventions: removal of lipomas and other skin formations, resection of ingrown nails, etc.

Ieva Kastyte

Doctor of plastic and reconstructive surgery

The doctor performs plastic surgery and beauty injections

Advanced research methods and effective treatments for you
health problems

Trilogy HAL-RAR is an innovative and effective treatment for hemorrhoids
A quick, comfortable and painless cure for haemorrhoids
Trilogy HAL-RAR dearterisation is an advanced surgical treatment for haemorrhoids with ultrasound equipment. This method is successfully applied in our clinic, and if applied in good time, the efficiency of this methodology reaches 95%.
Low-frequency wave stimulation therapy with a medical device from Israeli manufacturers
The fastest and most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction
After completing a complex course of treatment with the Renova device, we ensure that you will quickly feel a noticeable effect and an improved quality of your sex life. The device is included in the list of recommended and effective treatment methods of the International Association of Urology.
Laser treatment of hemorrhoids
Advanced treatment with the latest Israeli laser with the innovative Infinite Ring fiber probe
It is a minimally invasive, painless and comfortable procedure for the effective treatment of hemorrhoids. After this procedure, patients can walk immediately, return to normal life, avoiding a long rehabilitation period.
Hemorojaus gydymas lazeriu
Plastic surgeries and procedures for your beauty and comfort
Experienced plastic surgeons perform plastic surgeries and injectable beauty procedures
Experienced and qualified InnMed plastic surgeons provide comprehensive beauty and aesthetic advice to men and women. Each case is analyzed individually, we create plans for the implementation of beauty goals, all plastic surgeries and beauty injections are performed.

We help our patients regain their health every day.
As a result, they have thanked us and shared their impressions


Thank you for my doctor Ignas Lukošius for noticing my problem in time during my preventive visit. Thank you for providing me a professional treatment that helped me. Now I feel no pain. I do not know where i would be if not yours attention.


Fast and qualitative. The clinic itself is very tidy, modern and the staff is very polite. I had surgery here and I was very worried. In the end, it was neither painful nor scary. After the operation my health was monitored and there vere no side effects. I am ver happy with the amazing result.


I thank all specialist of the clinic for the quality treatment and psychological support. Now all the challenges and hardships of the past are gone. As well as the disease. I will always remember te clinic and always mention it with good word. And I will always return for a preventive check.

Patricija Jankauskienė

Giedrė Uždavinytė-Šemetienė, you are the best! Thank you very much for the surgery, which brought me back to normal life. I had a problem that I feel uncomfortable even writing about, but for me, sexual intercourse was a real issue. Now, my husband and I have having our second honeymoon 🙂

Saulius Paulauskas

I would like to thank the staff at the clinic who are always polite and prompt, and for the quality of the work by the doctors. Everything is under control, they quickly clarified every issue, and they helped to solve my rather complex and sensitive problem. I had a treatment plan prepared that is already proving to be effective.

I would like to give special thanks to the receptionists, as they are very polite and kind both on the phone and when answering questions in person. It is a pleasure to deal with such well-mannered people.


Dažniausiai užduodami klausimai

First time with us?
Answered by Doctor of Abdominal Surgery and proctologist
Mantas Drungilas

When you come for a doctor’s consultation or examination:

  • Arrive 10 min. earlier than the scheduled time of the consultation or examination – you will sign a contract for personal health care services and consent for the examination at the reception.
  • Keep a safe distance of 2 meters from other visitors.
  • We recommend wearing protective masks and disinfecting your hands.
  • Patients with fever and acute upper respiratory symptoms are registered for remote consultation. At the doctor’s discretion, the patient may come for a consultation, examination and examination. In this case, patients are asked to use a non-main entrance to the clinic.
  • We will thoroughly disinfect the doctor’s office after each visit.
  • The results of the laboratory tests will be sent to you by e-mail. by mail. You will receive an SMS with a password to view the results.

Need to have:

  • A valid ID. If the patient is a child, have the child’s birth certificate or other identity document. If the child does not come with a family member, it is necessary to have a notarized power of attorney.
  • If you have private health insurance, an insurance card.

Important: if you are unable to attend the scheduled consultation, please inform us in advance by phone: +37066110011 or e-mail: info@innmed.lt

How to register for a visit to a specialist doctor?
Answered by Doctor of Abdominal Surgery and proctologist
Mantas Drungilas

We provide services only to pre-registered patients.

To make an appointment for a visit to a specialist doctor of your choice, you can:

  • Call the reception of the InnMed Medical Clinic tel .: +37066110011;
  • Write a request to InnMed Medical Clinic e-mail: info@innmed.lt In this case, please indicate your name, date of birth and contact telephone number, as well as the desired specialist or service. The registration data provided significantly speeds up the visit booking process.
  • Click on the registration boxes on the website and leave your contact and the need for the administrators to contact you and choose a suitable time for the visit. In this case, patients are asked to provide their name, date of birth, contact telephone number, and email address. The registration data provided significantly speeds up the visit booking process.

On weekends, we ask patients to register by leaving an email request info@innmed.lt Do not forget to indicate your name, surname, date of birth, telephone number and desired specialist or service.

If you need to cancel the visit or change the time of the visit due to changes in circumstances, please always inform us by the specified contact phones o by mail.

We register for repeated visits, depending on the service, within a month or 2 months after the initial consultation.

What is the patient admission procedure?
Answered by Urologist
Ignas Lukošius

At InnMed Medical Clinic, we pay special attention to patient comfort and safety, so we invite you to familiarize yourself with the patient admission procedure:

  • We recommend that you arrive at the InnMed Medical Clinic no more than 10 minutes in advance. until the scheduled time of the visit.
  • The administrators will provide you with the necessary documents for the visit, which you will conveniently fill in in the waiting room.
  • We will also accept you to the clinic with an accompanying person if you feel more comfortable and safe.
  • It is recommended to wear a protective medical mask, disinfect hands, keep a distance from other patients. The InnMed Medical Clinic has two comfortable waiting rooms.
  • You will be accompanied to the doctor’s office by the clinic administrator or you will be met by a doctor.
  • Patients with temperature are registered for remote consultation. At the doctor’s discretion, the patient may come to the clinic for consultation, examination and examination. In this case, patients are asked to use non-primary entrances to the clinic premises.
How are the services provided at the clinic paid for?
Answered by Doctor of Abdominal Surgery and proctologist
Mantas Drungilas

You can pay for the services provided at the clinic in a convenient way for you:

  • In cash;
  • Paying card;
  • Prepay the service by bank transfer;
  • Paying for the service by contract;
  • Using supplementary health insurance;
  • Using Moki Leasing Purchase Service.
How are surgeries booked?
Answered by Urologist
Ignas Lukošius

Surgical treatment of patients is prescribed after consultation and examination by a specialist doctor.

Operations are planned on a monthly basis and are performed according to the order in which patients are enrolled in the operation, with an advance payment for the operation.

If you arrive for surgery, you will need:

  • Arrive before the operation at the exact time specified for you.
  • The administrators will provide you with the necessary consents to sign.
  • Pay for the operation.
  • The receptionist will accompany you to the ward, where the nurse will help you prepare for the operation, and the doctors will visit you before the operation and answer all your questions.

You should have:

  • A valid passport.
  • Valid blood test results and ECG.
  • A valid negative response to the COVID-19 study. The test should be performed 72-48 hours in advance. before surgery.
  • Exceptions for a negative COVID-19 test apply to: persons with a history of COVID-19 who have been diagnosed with a positive PCR test and less than 180 days have elapsed since the date of the test;
  • persons who have been vaccinated in the European Union Register of Medicinal Products under the vaccination scheme.
  • Important: All pre-operative examinations can be performed at InnMed Medical Clinic in advance.

If you have private health insurance, let us know immediately after registering for the operation. The administrator will contact your insurance company and arrange payment for the transaction.

Is it possible to pay with an insurance card?
Urologo konsultacija Vilniuje
Answered by Urologist
Urologo konsultacija Vilniuje Augustinas Matulevicius

The services of the InnMed Medical Clinic can be paid for using the additional insurance card:

  • Compensa;
  • BTA;
  • Gjensidige.

If you have a contract with another insurance company, we will issue an invoice to you for the medical services provided, which, depending on the terms of your contract, will give you the opportunity to recover the funds for the medical services.

You will find a list of services paid for by the insurance company in your insurance contract.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that patients have to pay for healthcare that is not paid for by the insurance company. Therefore, we recommend that you ask your insurance expert whether the health care services you need under your insurance contract will be paid for. InnMed Medical Clinic is not responsible for insurance companies’ decisions not to pay for services provided.

When planning surgical treatment at the InnMed Medical Clinic, payment terms must be agreed with the insurance company in advance. Contact the InnMed Medical Clinic administrator to confirm payment for the procedure.

Is it possible to pay for the clinic services in installments?
Answered by Surgeon and proctologist
Edgaras Smolskas

You can buy the desired services up to 10,000 Eur especially conveniently and quickly by purchasing in installments. All you have to do is choose the services you want and we will offer the smartest financing offer. We provide the service together with the partner INBANK MOKILIZING.


• You can pay for services quickly, at your convenience, if necessary, without even leaving home – the solvency assessment and signing of the contract takes place online. You can also buy leasing services by visiting the INNMED clinic – after selecting the services, contact the service staff;
• You can purchase more than one service when buying in installments;
• Choose the most favorable payment option for you: the most suitable term of the contract or the amount of the payment;
• The contract can be concluded by two persons – spouses, and thus purchase on installment terms;
• Convenient Inbank | Mokilizingo self-service – you will be able to manage your contracts and transfer payments quickly and conveniently. You will also be able to pay payments at Maxima cash desks, Nervesen kiosks, PayPost branches, Perlo terminals and by bank transfer;
• Ability to pay ahead of time at no extra cost.

Financing conditions with INBANK MOKILIZING :
• We finance up to 10,000 Eur;
• You can choose a payment period of up to 60 months;
• The contract may be concluded by persons not younger than 18 years of age;
• When purchasing the services in installments, you will be able to use the service immediately;
• You can choose whether you want to pay the down payment or start paying in the next month only;
• The amount due will be distributed on a monthly basis according to a set schedule.


• Receiving a salary under an employment contract;
• Receiving regular benefits paid by Sodra (pensions, benefits, etc.);
• Individual self-employed persons, farmers;
• Working abroad (and receiving income in a Lithuanian bank account).


• Passport or identity card of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania;
• Permanent residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania.

Standard terms: For example, borrowing € 1,000 with a 12-month contract. term, annual interest rate – 0%, contract conclusion fee – 0%, monthly contract fee – 0.60%, BVKKMN – 13.62%, total amount payable – € 1,072.00, monthly installment – € 89.33.

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