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InnMed Innovative Medical Clinic

A subtle solution to delicate problems

All types of diagnostics and advanced treatment methods in one clinic
Fast and painless therapeutic treatment in comfortable conditions
Fast and painless therapeutic treatment in comfortable conditions
We work on the principle that patients must leave with answers to their problems and not return with the issue unresolved.
When you choose us, rest assured that we will perform diagnostic tests using state-of-the-art equipment. Our doctors will carefully clarify your situation and make an accurate diagnosis, while our staff will be attentive and caring, and we will take care of your health at an affordable and fair price!
Margarita Gurevičienė
Director at InnMed Innovative Medical Clinic
Margarita Gurevičienė direktorė

Our specialisation is providing subtle solutions to delicate problems,
based on diagnostic methods with the utmost accuracy

Comprehensive health screening programs to solve all health problems

Comprehensive health screening programs to solve all health problems

Gift voucher for various services

Gift voucher for various services

What services can be paid for:
  • Plastic – reconstructive surgery services
  • For health screening programs, diagnostics and treatment of internal diseases, specialized laboratory tests
  • For the consultation of medical specialists find out more

InnMed combines the most advanced
treatment methods with highly qualified doctors

Cutting-edge equipment
Our clinic has state-of-the-art medical equipment for comprehensive diagnostics, which allows us to quickly and accurately identify the source of a disorder.
Our clinic meets the current EU standards
The clinic uses high-efficiency diagnostic methods and the most advanced treatment methods that meet the current EU standards.
hemorojus InnMed
Qualified specialists
The qualifications and work experience of our doctors allow us to diagnose and treat even the most complex cases.
Comfortable wards
We provide our patients with the opportunity to spend their postoperative hours in a comfortable ward with a patio, and we promise to provide attentive care and attention.

Jūs priims geriausi Vilniaus specialistai

Every year, our doctors seek professional development with the help of the best specialists in the world to constantly improve their qualifications.
Our doctors are members of European and international organisations uniting doctors.
Our specialists have many years of experience – including at least 8 years of work experience.
Our doctors can communicate with patients in at least 2 languages and take the time to get to know every patient.
Mantas Drungilas

Surgeon – proctologist

Doctor of Abdominal Surgery

Edgaras Smolskas

Doctor surgeon proctologist


Advanced therapies
for common health problems

HAL-RAR technology
A quick, comfortable and painless cure for haemorrhoids
HAL-RAR dearterisation is an advanced surgical treatment for haemorrhoids with ultrasound equipment. This method is successfully applied in our clinic, and if applied in good time, the efficiency of this methodology reaches 95%.
Renova device
The fastest and most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction
After completing a complex course of treatment with the Renova device, we ensure that you will quickly feel a noticeable effect and an improved quality of your sex life. The device is included in the list of recommended and effective treatment methods of the International Association of Urology.

We help our patients regain their health every day.
As a result, they have thanked us and shared their impressions


Thank you for my doctor Ignas Lukošius for noticing my problem in time during my preventive visit. Thank you for providing me a professional treatment that helped me. Now I feel no pain. I do not know where i would be if not yours attention.


Fast and qualitative. The clinic itself is very tidy, modern and the staff is very polite. I had surgery here and I was very worried. In the end, it was neither painful nor scary. After the operation my health was monitored and there vere no side effects. I am ver happy with the amazing result.


I thank all specialist of the clinic for the quality treatment and psychological support. Now all the challenges and hardships of the past are gone. As well as the disease. I will always remember te clinic and always mention it with good word. And I will always return for a preventive check.

Patricija Jankauskienė

Giedrė Uždavinytė-Šemetienė, you are the best! Thank you very much for the surgery, which brought me back to normal life. I had a problem that I feel uncomfortable even writing about, but for me, sexual intercourse was a real issue. Now, my husband and I have having our second honeymoon 🙂

Saulius Paulauskas

I would like to thank the staff at the clinic who are always polite and prompt, and for the quality of the work by the doctors. Everything is under control, they quickly clarified every issue, and they helped to solve my rather complex and sensitive problem. I had a treatment plan prepared that is already proving to be effective.

I would like to give special thanks to the receptionists, as they are very polite and kind both on the phone and when answering questions in person. It is a pleasure to deal with such well-mannered people.


Dažniausiai užduodami klausimai

When should I consult a medical proctologist?
Answered by Surgeon – proctologist
Mantas Drungilas

A visit to a proctologist is recommended when:

  • You notice blood or a suspicious discharge during a bowel movement;
  • You feel an itching sensation in the anus;
  • If you feel any discomfort during a bowel movement.
What is Infrared Coagulation?
Answered by Surgeon – proctologist
Mantas Drungilas

It is a minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of haemorrhoids. During this procedure, the haemorrhoid piles are burned off with infrared rays. The heat-emitting rays of the coagulator disrupt the blood vessels feeding the haemorrhoids from the inside. As a result, the blood supply to the pile is interrupted and it begins to disappear.

Because the thermal energy acts from within, the skin and mucous membranes in the anus are undamaged, making the procedure virtually painless.

How can I painlessly treat erectile dysfunction?
Answered by Urologist
Ignas Lukošius

The linear electric shockwave therapy is a simple and painless procedure performed in an outpatient setting. The Renova device operates with low-frequency shockwaves. In other words, the intensity is low, leading to the formation of new blood vessels and the expansion of existing ones. The resulting treatment improves blood flow to the genitals and restores the erection function, which leads to better quality intercourse.

What is HAL-RAR and how does it help in the treatment of haemorrhoids?
Answered by Surgeon – proctologist
Mantas Drungilas

HAL-RAR is an effective and patient-friendly method of treating haemorrhoids, which is also used to treat fistulas and anal fissures. The procedure uses a new-generation Austrian device called Trilogy. This method helps to eliminate the frustrating postoperative period and the recurrence of this condition in the future. The efficiency of the procedure is as high as 96%, and the patient can return to a normal lifestyle the very next day.

One procedure is usually sufficient to get rid of haemorrhoids forever.

When is it necessary to seek help in the case of sexual dysfunction?
Answered by Urologist
Ignas Lukošius

If you feel discomfort during sexual intercourse, it is recommended to consult a urologist. Your doctor will prescribe the procedures necessary to help improve the quality of your intimate life. As a result, patients can once again enjoy a satisfying sex life.

When is it recommended to perform labiaplasty?

There are no direct medical indications for labiaplasty. This procedure is recommended for patients who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their external genitalia and as a result experience psychological discomfort. It is also a solution in cases where the anatomical features interfere with normal sports activities or for hygienic reasons. After the surgery, the patients feel more confident wearing underwear or swimsuits, especially if they have previously experienced aesthetic discomfort in this regard.

When is vaginoplasty recommended?

The doctor will recommend performing vaginoplasty if a patient complains of impaired urinary functions, a pulling pain in the lower abdomen, is suffering from a foreign body sensation in the genitals or has noticeable scarring in the genital area.

Sometimes, due to the anatomical features of a woman, their partner does not experience satisfaction during sexual intercourse. Thus, a simple surgery can restore their woman’s proper anatomy and help them regain a fulfilling sex life.

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