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Surgeon’s consultation

A surgeon is a doctor who diagnoses and operates neoplasms in the human body. In his/her work, the doctor uses innovative treatment methods and modern diagnostic equipment. Histological examinations are carried out for all neoplasms without exception.
Histological examination confirms that the operated neoplasm is:
Histological examination confirms that the operated neoplasm is:
  • tumour;
  • atheroma;
  • polyp.
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accuracy is obtained by histological examination of the neoplasm
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Surgeon’s video consultation

Surgeon’s video consultation

A preventive examination by a surgeon is necessary once a year. In urgent cases, medical help must be sought immediately and more often preventive examinations are important. In an emergency, a remote video consultation from a surgeon is recommended for immediate information about your condition.

Our doctors listen carefully to patients and prescribe treatment, share recommendations and advice.
When consultation from a surgeon is needed:
When consultation from a surgeon is needed:
  • In case of purulent inflammation;
  • Sharp and unexpected pain in the body that lasts for an hour;
  • Swelling and redness of the skin;
  • Emergence of atheromas, polyps, lipomas;
  • Finding other neoplasms in the body.
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Atheroma removal with histological examination

Atheroma removal with histological examination

An atheroma is a benign neoplasm of a sebaceous, subcutaneous gland. It is not life-threatening, but usually does not look aesthetically pleasing. Histological examination is only required to rule out oncological diseases.
Causes of atheromas:
Causes of atheromas:
  • dysfunction of the sebaceous glands;
  • disturbance of the elimination function;
  • improper hygiene;
  • skin microtraumas.

The most effective way to be free of atheromas is to use surgical methods. The procedure is performed under analgesia.

of atheromas occur one at a time, statistically
Lipoma removal with histological examination, in an uncomplicated case

Lipoma removal with histological examination, in an uncomplicated case

Lipoma is a benign neoplasm made up of fat cells. Lipoma removal with histological examination is performed to determine the type of neoplasm.

One of the causes of lipomas is genetic heredity. Lipomas occur where there is a greater accumulation of fat. In uncomplicated cases, lipomas are on the surface of the skin and are made up only of fat.
Treatment of lipoma by folk methods is ineffective and can be dangerous to health. Entrust the solution to this problem to experienced professionals.

Lipoma is removed surgically under analgesia, so, discomfort is avoided.

of lipomas occur under the skin, on the back and in the thigh area.
Lipoma removal with histological examination, in a complicated case

Lipoma removal with histological examination, in a complicated case

In complicated cases, the neoplasm fuses not only with fat cells but also with muscle.
Symptoms indicating that the neoplasm should be removed:
Symptoms indicating that the neoplasm should be removed:
  • Impaired function of the organs in which the neoplasm is located;
  • Pain;
  • Change in lipoma size.

In our clinic, histological examinations are mandatory for all neoplasms, on the basis of which the degree danger of lipoma is determined, whether it is benign or malignant.
In complicated cases, surgical removal of the neoplasm is unavoidable. Such an operation takes an hour on an average.

years old is statisticly the age of patients who has the onset of lipomas. The majority of such patients are women.
Removal of several lipomas simultaneously with histological examination

Removal of several lipomas simultaneously with histological examination

Commonly, not one but several lipomas occur at the same time. External lipomas are visible in the skin as stiffened surface neoplasms. Lipomas are soft to the touch and squeeze deeper into the skin when pressed.

You should not become concerned if you find a lipoma – it is not cancer. However, failing to seek timely help and leaving neoplasms to develop poses a risk of oncological disease.
Doctors of the Clinic always perform a histological examination before removing lipomas.

efficacy in surgical removal of lipomas is recorded.
Ingrown toenail resection

Ingrown toenail resection

Ingrown toenail is an unpleasant phenomenon that often causes painful consequences if a doctor is not consulted timely and necessarily.
The growth of the nail plate is caused by the following:
The growth of the nail plate is caused by the following:
  • uncomfortable footwear;
  • incorrect nail care;
  • bacterial or fungal infections;
  • foot injuries.

Ingrown toenail resection is performed by surgeons. The surgery is minimally invasive and is effective in eliminating this unpleasant problem. The after-surgery recovery process takes 10-12 days on an average.

Preventing a disease is easier than curing it!

Consultation from a medical surgeon 65€

We recommend a visit to a surgeon as a preventive measure at least once a year.
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