It is important to us that you feel comfortable and safe at the InnMed clinic. “InnMed” doctors will give you all their attention and knowledge so that the treatment is effective and you recover faster!

InnMed innovative medical clinic – a subtle solution to delicate problems

Every year our doctors seek professional development with the help of the best specialists in the world to constantly improve their qualifications

Our doctors are members of European and international organisations uniting doctors

Our specialists have many years of experience – including at least 8 years of work experience

Our doctors can communicate with patients in at least 2 languages and take the time to get to know every patien

Why patients entrust their health to the InnMed Clinic specialists
  • Our doctors are qualified specialists with many years of work experience and a large number of loyal patients;
  • We provide high-quality treatment while ensuring a satisfactory result. We ensure you will not need to go through the same treatment again from the start;
  • Attractive and reasonable prices that do not change during the treatment process;
  • Pleasant and relaxing atmosphere with friendly staff.

InnMed Clinic
in Vilnius is an innovative medical institution with the main goal of providing advanced and high-quality medical services, and helping people find prompt solutions to their health problems. We pay special attention to the quality of our services, patient safety and comfort.

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