Modern and safe methods of correction of the face, the body, and the groin area with some of the best specialists in Vilnius

Cutting-edge equipment from the world-leading manufacturers

Wide-range, integrated diagnostics and treatment at one clinic

The procedures involve minimal invasion, are painless, and cause no discomfort

We correct facial and body features and remove imperfections safely and without pain:

  • Breast enlargement, reduction, lift;
  • Facial features correction, removal of double chin;
  • Removal of moles, lipomas, atheromas, and other formations;
  • Removal of scars;
  • Removal of wrinkles and flabby skin;
  • Body shaping: liposuction, fat transfer.

If you are not feeling comfortable and would love to improve your looks yet are having doubts whether you need a surgical or injective correction, you need to see a specialist for an expert and reliable analysis of your face and body and a consultation.

Visos plastinės chirurgijos

Every day, we help our patients get their health, beauty, and self-confidence back. They thank us and they share their impressions.

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The outcome was better than I had expected. I went for a lip correction and enhancement procedure. The face changed a lot, and all to the best! The swelling was almost gone in just 3 days.
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Very carefully, very gently, patiently – that is how my visit to the surgeon went. Any doubt just went away and I registered for a surgery the very same day. The last stitches have been taken out recently. I really love the way I look now.
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I had been worried about two moles on my back, the doctor took a look, did a test, and recommended a removal. I agreed, everything was pain-free and healed quickly, there was virtually no trace left.
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Three years after I gave birth, I dreamed about having an intimate plastic surgery. My dream came true! Dr Šemetienė has gold hands and a good heart. She supported me morally, and the result did not disappoint.
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I had been thinking about contacting you over a breast correction. I was afraid and had my doubts, but after a consultation, I clearly knew what I wanted. The doctor brought all my wishes to life. Everything will heal soon, and I can already see the beautiful shape!