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Diagnosis and treatment of all types in one clinic
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Treatment of avitaminosis

Vitamin deficiency adversely affects the human body. Vitamin deficiency is indicated by symptoms such as: dry skin, brittle hair and nails, loss of appetite and sleep, constant fatigue, recurrent colds.
Avitaminosis is treated:
Avitaminosis is treated:
  • First, a deficiency of specific vitamins is diagnosed;
  • A plan for the consumption of missing vitamins is drawn up;
  • Adjusted diet.
replenishment of missing vitamins
Rehabilitation of a weakened body after COVID-19

Rehabilitation of a weakened body after COVID-19

We help solve the consequences of COVID-19 coronavirus infection. This disease leaves traces on almost every internal organ, negatively affects a person’s ability to work and psychosocial state.
Reasons when you need to see an general medicine therapist doctor:
Reasons when you need to see an general medicine therapist doctor:
  • You are 50+ years old;
  • You were treated in an intensive care unit;
  • You experience mental or psychological problems after an illness;
  • You feel bad and weak after recovery of any illness ;
  • You have no sense of smell or you still feel the sense of smell weakening.
COVID-19 survivors complain of weakend body or other symptoms for several months after the illness
Recovery of the body after prolonged exercise

Recovery of the body after prolonged exercise

Sport is not only about achievements, strengthening immunity and favorable emotions, but also a high probability of injuries and exhaustion of the body.
Some of the consequences in the long run do not allow you to exercise qualitatively and feel comfortable and good. Our specialists will help to recover from injuries, improve the condition of the body, which will serve in everyday life and will help you feel great again while exercising.
How we can help:
How we can help:
  • Prepare the body for intense physical activity;
  • Help to recover from injuries and exhaustion;
  • Create an individual health strengthening program.
injuries become chronic, resulting of depletion of the body’s resources often accompanies athletes throughout life
Recovery of the body after experiencing stress

Recovery of the body after experiencing stress

During stressful situations, the body’s protective resources are activated. It helps to concentrate, provides energy, but when the limit is exceeded, stress begins to negatively affect the body and health. When situations of this nature recur – the physical and psychological condition becomes sensitive and vulnerable, it begins to demand attention and help.
How we help you recover from stress:
How we help you recover from stress:
  • We perform diagnostics of health condition;
  • We make an individual plan, taking into account the characteristics of your body and lifestyle;
  • Give recommendations to help you get the body back in balance.
faster the body ages if the depleted protective resources of the body are not restored after long-term stress
Strengthening of the imunity

Strengthening of the imunity

Stress, illness, and emotional strain lead to a weakened immune system, which often translates into serious illness. To avoid such consequences, the InnMed clinic developed an immunity enhancement program.
This service is recommended for those who often complain:
This service is recommended for those who often complain:
  • Viral diseases;
  • Complications after a cold;
  • Chronic fatigue after illness;
  • Dermatitis or other rash on the body.
protection from illness
Treatment of chronic fatigue

Treatment of chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue does not go away on its own even after a long time. Such fatigue can develop due to illness, shift work, frequent flying between different time zones. That is why treatment must be individualized in each case.
In order to improve the patient’s condition, Innmed Clinic performs:
In order to improve the patient’s condition, Innmed Clinic performs:
  • Treatment with intravenous vitamins, immunomodulators;
  • An appropriate diet for such cases is recommended;
  • Recommended measures and practices for lifestyle correction.
of chronic fatigue treatment
Restoration of body after illness

Restoration of body after illness

The human body consumes quite a lot of resources in the fight against various diseases, so it is necessary to devote sufficient time to recovery and improvement of the body’s condition. Specialists at InnMed Clinic can help.
How we help to recover from illnesses:
How we help to recover from illnesses:
  • We facilitate intoxication;
  • We help restore blood circulation;
  • We prescribe therapies for missing vitamins;
  • We examine each case individually;
  • We select the necessary medication for a specific case, taking into account the specifity of your body.
recovery of the body after illness
Intravenous vitamin therapy to improve health

Intravenous vitamin therapy to improve health

This is the fastest way to restore the missing vitamins and micro-elements balance. This therapy is chosen to maintain and improve health or restore the body’s depleted resources, strengthen immunity.
Our general medicine doctors will diagnose a deficiency of specific vitamins and trace elements and create an individual intravenous therapy program.
Advantages of intravenous vitamin therapy:
Advantages of intravenous vitamin therapy:
  • The medicaments enter the bloodstream immediately;
  • Possibility to saturate the body with different missing substances at one time;
  • This therapy has no adverse effects on gastro- intestinal function;
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of the patients feel better after first therapy
InnMed skiepai
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Jurgis Dulinskas

Internal Medicine Physician

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I entrusted my health only to Jurgis Dulinskas! It helped me to recover from a sports injury and very quickly. Now, as soon as I feel the symptoms of weakness, I know who to turn to. Thank you, Doctor.

Luka Adomaitienė

This clinic actually employs some of the best professionals in town. I couldn’t get rid of the constant fatigue for a long time, but here I was helped and given recommendations. I no longer feel broken.

Herkus Sakalauskas

Immediately after the diagnosis, I had a recovery plan for me after COVID-19. Two weeks later I felt like a new person!


Thanks to Jurgis Dulinskas, I got rid of the chronic fatigue syndrome that tormented me for a long time. Thank you doctor!

Matas Urbonas

After the first vitamin therapy procedure, I started to feel better. Thank you! with my own body, I made sure the infusions worked better than the tablets.


Moving, changing jobs, buying a home, repairing it – a whole stress made impossible to live normally. Thanks to Dr. Dulinskas for helping me recover from my experiences.


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