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Treatment of erection problems with the Renova device using electric shockwave therapy

Erectile dysfunction is a health problem that occurs where there is an insufficient blood flow in the penis, which prevents its hardening during sexual arousal. Men often avoid talking about this problem and hesitate to seek specialist assistance, while many mistakenly believe that erectile dysfunction is a natural consequence of ageing and should simply be accepted.

InnMed Clinic offers a successful form of treatment for erectile dysfunction with a new generation Renova device. Low-intensity shockwaves generated by an electromagnetic medical device stimulate the formation of new blood vessels and the dilation of existing ones. Unlike many other methods, this not only helps to temporarily achieve the desired erection, but also substantially eliminates the causes of erectile dysfunction. After a significant improvement in the penile blood flow, men can experience a normal erection following the treatment and continue to enjoy a satisfying sex life.

The electric shockwave therapy administered at the clinic is non-invasive and painless, and is currently one of the most effective treatment methods for erectile dysfunction. According to studies, 79% of patients had complete resolution of their erectile dysfunction after treatment with the Renova device. The duration of a treatment session is 30 minutes and the treatment course consists of four sessions, which should be performed once a week.

This well-tolerated therapy is free of side-effects and is recommended for men who want to permanently eliminate the causes of erectile dysfunction. Electric shockwave therapy is also the perfect solution when potency-enhancing drugs have failed to produce the desired outcome or if their side-effects are detrimental.

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