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Frenuloplasty, or a surgical alteration of the frenulum, is a small-scale invasive reconstructive procedure performed on men who are experiencing discomfort (usually during sexual intercourse) due to a short frenulum as the foreskin retracts.

The frenulum is a strip of skin that begins at the prepuce of the penis and ends at the head. In most cases, a short frenulum is a congenitally predetermined, but it can sometimes become shortened due to an injury or inflammation.

The foreskin of a healthy man will move freely, with no tension either in a relaxed position or during an erection. However, a short frenulum does not allow for easy retraction of the foreskin and can cause great discomfort during intercourse. As well as feeling pain and tension, some men experience a rupture of the frenulum and bleeding. The uncomfortable sensation also makes it difficult to maintain an erection – as a result, sexual intercourse is avoided and erectile dysfunction can occur.

The surgical alteration of the frenulum (frenuloplasty) is performed under local anaesthesia of the related region, while the duration of the surgery is just 20-30 minutes. During the procedure, a small incision is made in the frenulum area, allowing it to be extended. The patient is discharged home on the same day as the operation.

It is possible to return to normal activities immediately after the surgery; however, it is not possible to have sex during the healing period until the dissolvable stitches fall out. During this time, it is advisable to avoid hot baths, outdoor swimming, very intense sports activities and visiting a sauna. It takes about 2 weeks until the patient has completely healed.

After frenuloplasty surgery, a patient should no longer experience discomfort during erections and can enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

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