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Consultation and treatment for sexually transmitted and infectious diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted during sexual intercourse. The following symptoms of sexually transmitted infections should be viewed as warning signs and reasons to see a urologist: penile discharge, sores or blisters on the penis or rectum, irritation in the penis or rectum, increased urination, burning sensations, or pain when urinating and during sexual intercourse.

Some venereal diseases may be asymptomatic and can only be accurately diagnosed via special tests. If you suspect that you may have been infected with a sexually transmitted disease, or if you had sex with a person who may be infected, contact your doctor immediately. The sooner you start, the faster and easier the treatment process will be.

A patient who is infected with a sexually transmitted disease can infect others from the moment of contracting the infection, even without experiencing any symptoms.

During a consultation, the urologist will listen to the patient’s complaints and assess the general state of health. He will also check for signs of infection by examining’ the genitals, and may take swabs to send them to a laboratory for testing. A blood test (for syphilis or HIV) may also be prescribed. Once a diagnosis has been made, the treatment will be initiated. The treatment of venereal diseases is successful only when it is performed in combination with the patient’s sexual partner.

The InnMed Clinic urologists have many years of experience in offering consultations, providing accurate diagnoses and effectively treating all types of sexually transmitted and infectious diseases. Patients are guaranteed complete confidentiality.

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