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Thrombectomy – removal of perianal thrombi

Perianal thrombosis is a dangerous complication of haemorrhoids. A haemorrhoidal thrombosis can develop due to diarrhoea, constipation and prolonged straining, or the physical activity of straining while squatting. It is thought that large piles slip out, but become stuck in the anus when the sphincter contracts. This results in a compression of the veins, disruption of the blood supply, thrombosis and inflammation. This complication is more common in patients with chronic prolapsed haemorrhoids.

The manifestations of perianal thrombosis include severe pain in the anus that is particularly intense during a bowel movement, resulting in a person being unable to sit and walk. Other signs are large and swollen piles in the anus and bloody discharge with an unpleasant smell, as well as possibly fever, chills, urinary retention and bleeding.

Perianal thrombi are very dangerous as inflammatory clots from the anus can enter the pulmonary arteries or other internal organs, causing serious complications such as sepsis, tissue necrosis or even death.

At InnMed Clinic, haemorrhoidal thrombi are removed by a thrombectomy. This is a modern method of treatment that is currently recognised as the most effective way of treating thrombosis. It allows for the quick and easy removal of thrombi without pain and other unpleasant symptoms, while avoiding a long and unpleasant postoperative recovery period.

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