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Polypectomy – removal of anal polyps

Anal or colon polyps are one of the common pathologies affecting the colon.

Polyps are benign tumours that usually do not result in symptoms. However, when a polyp is large, it can cause unpleasant sensations such as bleeding (fresh blood during a bowel movement), increased need to strain, etc. If the polyp appears near the rectum, the feeling of a protrusion or foreign body may occur during bowel movements.

Anal polyps are typically diagnosed during a colonoscopy examination. A larger polyp will pose a more serious threat to your health. However, any untreated polyp can become malignant in the long run, so it is important to locate and remove the polyp in a timely manner.

Polyps are usually removed endoscopically, while large polyps in an inconvenient location are removed using a laparoscopic-assisted polypectomy.

Polypectomy is the surgical removal of polyps that have formed in areas of the anus, rectum or other digestive organs. The removed anal polyps will then be sent to a pathology laboratory for a histological examination.

Polypectomy for the removal of an anal polyp is a safe, fast and reliable method of surgery when a polyp cannot be removed endoscopically. Typically, the duration of this minimally-invasive operation is only about 20 minutes and the results are immediately apparent, while the postoperative recovery is easy and smooth.

According to the experienced proctologists at InnMed Clinic, anal polyps are easy to remove, but it is only important at consult a specialist immediately if you notice unpleasant symptoms, especially if there is bleeding. Make an appointment by telephone: +37070050050.