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HAL-RAR treatment of haemorrhoids

The HAL-RAR treatment of haemorrhoids is an innovative way to effectively treat haemorrhoids and prevent a future recurrence. This method is currently recognised throughout the world as more effective than radio wave surgery, latex ligation and infrared coagulation, and is also very effective in treating fistulas and anal fissures. The efficiency of the procedure is as high as 96 per cent!

When treating haemorrhoids using the HAL-RAR method, the proctologist will use an ultrasound sensor to locate the problematic formation and perform an artery ligation, thus stopping the blood supply to the haemorrhoid. Subsequently, the haemorrhoid tissues are stitched using dissolving sutures and flaccid areas of the rectum are tightened. 10-14 days after the blood supply is lost, the piles will dry out and will be sucked into the rectum, then gradually excreted from the body along with the faeces.

A HAL-RAR haemorrhoid procedure takes about 20-30 minutes. Because the mucosa does not have pain receptors, the procedure is completely painless and an analgesia is used only to insert the anoscope. This innovative surgery is not associated with any complications. After treatment using this method, the patient can return to work and engage in normal activities after just a couples of days.

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