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Treatment of cervical erosion (ectropion)

Cervical erosion, which is also known as cervical ectropion, is classified into three types: cervical background conditions, precancerous diseases and cancers.

Sometimes cervical changes can be congenital, but they are also frequently acquired. Cervical diseases are greatly influenced by a woman’s early sexual life, frequent changes of sexual partners, inflammations of the vagina or cervix of various origins, and changes in the hormonal balance. In most young women, a cervical pathology is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. This virus is also known to cause cancer.

Occasionally, cervical erosion can be detected from increased, mucous, yellow-grey discharge, bleeding after sexual intercourse or gynaecological examinations, and pain in the lumbar region. However, often a woman does not experience any disturbing symptoms, even in the presence of precancerous conditions or in early cancers of the cervical epithelium.

During a preventive gynaecological examination, the gynaecologist can easily notice any changes in the cervix and will then perform the necessary tests to determine the degree of these changes. Therefore, it is very important that this examination is performed regularly.

The method of treatment for cervical erosion is selected for each individual, taking into account the woman’s condition, age, family planning and other factors. According to the gynaecologists at InnMed Clinic, treatment of precancerous cervical diseases is necessary to prevent the development of cervical cancer.

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