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Diagnosis of gynaecological diseases

Intimate health problems will often significantly affect a woman’s quality of life; however, many women are still reluctant to talk about these issues. Many women also often avoid visiting their doctor, and their intimate health becomes a concern only when the unpleasant symptoms become unbearable and the disease has progressed.

The experienced obstetricians and gynaecologists at InnMed Clinic maintain that regular check-ups can help a woman detect symptoms and disorders early enough to start the treatment in time to prevent many serious diseases and their complications.

Even in the absence of any complaint, we recommend having a preventive gynaecological examination at least once a year. A woman should see her doctor immediately if there is lower abdominal pain or discomfort, as well as unusual discharge or pain during sexual intercourse, and if her period becomes irregular or extremely heavy.

InnMed Clinic provides fast and accurate diagnoses of gynaecological diseases. Our attentive and understanding specialists will help prevent insidious diseases while ensuring that your visit is comfortable and does not cause any unpleasant feelings.

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