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Upper lip shortening

Upper lip shortening is a surgical procedure performed to raise the upper lip that has elongated due to age-related changes in the body. When lifted lightly, the pink body of the lip becomes more visible, the lips look fuller, more youthful and more attractive, beautifully revealing the teeth when smiling.

Upper lip shortening is also performed for young girls and women who have a congenital longer lip or want a more expressive upper lip shape to reveal beautiful front teeth.

This surgery is recommended for women who often use hyaluronic injections as beauty procedures and would like a longer lasting effect.

Consultation with a plastic surgeon is necessary prior to surgery, who will help assess the condition of the patient’s lips, discuss her expectations, the operation plan and other important details.

Surgical procedure

Upper lip shortening is usually performed using local anaesthesia and takes about 1 hour.

During the operation, incisions are made under the nostrils, removing a strip of skin shaped as a bull’s horn to reduce the gap between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip. The incisions are then sutured together. The sutures are left in the lip for a week, after which they dissolve or are removed.

Postoperative period

Patients are discharged home immediately after surgery and can return to work or other routine activities the next day, but it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon. Swelling and bruising may persist for 1-3 weeks after surgery, after which they will subside. For a few weeks you should try to move the upper lip as little as possible when eating, brushing teeth and etc., and avoid tense facial expressions. It is recommended not to smoke for 2 weeks after surgery. A small scar may be visible for a few weeks after surgery, which will later become almost invisible.

Results to expect after surgery

The result of the operation is more beautiful, attractive, fuller lips, and at the same time – a more youthful face, which is visible in a few weeks, after the swelling and bruising have subsided.