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Mouth corner lift

Mouth corner lift is one of the popular non-surgical aesthetic medical procedures. It is often performed in combination with lip shape correction. Hyaluronic acid injections can be used to enlarge or plump up the lips, correct lip contour, asymmetry, eliminate wrinkles around the lips and reduce vertical wrinkles under the nasal wings at the corners of the mouth. Lip correction and restoration of mouth corners significantly transforms not only the lips, but has an effect on the entire face; it becomes more expressive, youthful and attractive.

Regularly shaped expressive lips are a symbol of beauty and sexual appeal. However, due to ageing, the lips can dry out naturally, lose plumpness and become narrow. Hyaluronic acid fillers can improve the appearance of lips, and refine their shape, structure and volume.

Although it is often mistakenly thought that after injection of hyaluronic acid the lips will look unnatural, the fashion of “puffing up” and “plumping out” is over, and aesthetic medicine is currently dominated by subtle correction trends that help emphasise the natural beauty of each patient. After subtle corrections, the lips look a little fuller, more symmetrical and moister, while others people do not event suspect that any procedures have been performed.

Consultation with a plastic surgeon is necessary prior to procedure, who will assess the patient’s lips, skin conditions, hear out the expectations and recommend the most suitable substances and correction plan. InnMed Clinic uses only high-quality, certified and time-tested hyaluronic acid fillers for lip correction procedures.

To avoid health problems and disappointments, it is important to know that injections can be performed professionally only in medical facilities, by plastic surgeons or dermatologists. Medical knowledge allows to select suitable injection sites, the optimal dose of substances and react quickly to possible adverse reactions or complications. By contacting medical institutions, you will also avoid the risk of using non-certified preparations of dubious quality during the procedures.


Lip correction by injection is usually performed under local analgesia of the mouth area. During the procedure, a special filler is injected into the lips, the main ingredient of which is hyaluronic acid. The filler is injected into the lower skin tissues around the edge of the lips. After the injections, the lips become fuller, their pink colour is highlighted, and certain areas of the lips can be accentuated. If necessary, the filler is used to smooth out the wrinkles around the mouth and raise the lowered corners of the lips.

Post-procedural period

Swelling, small haematomas or bruising may be experienced for a few days after the procedure. To accelerate healing, it is recommended to apply cold compresses on the lips for the duration of two days following the procedure. During the first few days after the procedure it is not recommended to use lipstick, balm or other products; it is advisable to avoid direct sunlight and solarium rays, sauna and strenuous activities. Drinking hot liquids or smoking is strongly advised against.

Results to expect after the procedure

The changes are visible immediately after the procedure, but the final aesthetic result of the procedure can be evaluated in a few weeks, when the filler is fully localised in targeted areas and the lips acquire the final shape.

The volume of the lips increases, they become plumper and moister, with accentuated contour; the corners of the lips are raised, and the wrinkles around the lips are reduced or eliminated completely.

The final result lasts for about 12 months.