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Eyebrow and forehead lift

Eyebrow and forehead lift is a surgical procedure performed to remove wrinkles in the forehead area and lift sagging eyebrows.

Eyebrows and forehead lift helps to reduce or completely eliminate horizontal forehead wrinkles and vertical bridge of the nose wrinkles, lift sagging eyebrows and eyebrows that give the face a surly facial expression, adjust their shape and ratio with the upper eyelids. This operation can be performed as part of a full face lift.

Consultation with a plastic surgeon is necessary prior to surgery, who will help assess the facial changes, discuss the patient’s expectations and details of the surgery. Depending on the changes, only eyebrow and forehead lift or full face lift surgery can be performed. In the case of minor changes, the patient may be advised on non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures or a combination of surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Surgical procedure

Eyebrow and forehead lift surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and, depending on the extent, lasts 1-1.5 hours. Small incisions of 1 cm to 1.5 cm in length are made in the hairy part of the forehead, so they are not visible when the stitches heal. The surgery not only tightens the skin and smooths out wrinkles, but also lifts the sagging forehead muscles. Eyebrow lift is also possible through incisions in the temporal area: the outer corners of the sagging eyebrows are lifted, the wrinkles in the corners of the eyes are smoothed, and the upper eyelids are lifted.

Very often, eyebrow and forehead lift is performed in combination with upper eyelid correction surgery.

Postoperative period

It is recommended to stay in the clinic for one day after the operation, after which the care will be continued on an outpatient basis. The time of the postoperative visit will be appointed by the operating doctor. The sutures are removed one week after surgery.

After the operation, swelling, numbness and itching at the incision site are common, and bruising may occur. These sensations and bruises may persist for a few weeks, but should disappear after this period. The appearance returns to normal after about a month.

You can return to work or other normal activities in 2 weeks after the operation, but it is advisable to avoid intense activities and sports for at least 4 weeks.

Results to expect after surgery

The result of the operation is visible after 3-4 weeks, while the final aesthetic result can be evaluated after about 3-4 months.

Eyebrow lift surgery smooths the skin of the forehead, softens wrinkles between the eyebrows, lifts the eyebrows (at the same time slightly lifting the upper eyelids), while the look and the entire face becomes more youthful.