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Vaginoplasty (also known as colpoplasty) is an invasive reconstruction procedure performed in order to tighten up the vagina, restore its firmness and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. This operation is sometimes called vaginal narrowing or vaginal rejuvenation.

Vaginoplasty is recommended for women who have lost their vaginal tightness and elasticity. They might feel discomfort during intercourse after childbirth, trauma or natural ageing. The loss of vaginal tone reduces the sexual sensitivity for both partners, making it harder to achieve satisfaction.

Vaginoplasty narrows and rejuvenates the tissues of the vaginal and pelvic floor (perineum), improving a woman’s physical and emotional well-being and restoring a fulfilling intimate life.

A consultation with a gynaecologist is required before the surgery. Make an appointment by telephone: +37070050050. The experienced InnMed professionals will quickly and effectively solve your most delicate problem and help restore your self-confidence.