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Labiaplasty is the correction of the shape of the small and large labia. The aim of this procedure is to help a woman regain self-confidence, improve their sex life and, at the same time, restore their quality of life.

Anatomical changes of the labia can be congenital, but the small labia can also increase in size due to genetic or hormonal reasons, post-inflammatory urinary tract lesions, trauma and after childbirth.

Advanced modern medicine offers a variety of ways to correct your intimate beauty.

At InnMed Clinic, labia correction can be performed by laser or surgery. You can decide which method suits you best during a consultation with your doctor.

Do you experience discomfort due to the size of your labia during intercourse or sport activities, or do you feel unattractive and insecure while wearing a swimsuit? Is the size of your labia causing hygiene problems?

The specialists at InnMed Clinic have many years of experience in solving delicate problems. They will gladly help you to solve any physiological, sexual and psychological problems efficiently and discreetly.