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G-spot amplification

G-spot amplification (G-Shot injection) is a procedure during which collagen or hyaluronic injections are made in a particularly sensitive erogenous zone in the front of the vaginal wall called the ‘G’ (Gräfenberg) spot. This procedure is performed for women who want to experience a stronger sexual arousal and more intense orgasm.

The injections augment the G-spot area, making it more sensitive and easier to excite. According to the women who have undergone this procedure, their sexual arousal is accelerated, while their orgasms typically become more frequent and last longer. The results of the procedure can be enjoyed for up to 9 months.

A consultation with a physician is required before the G-spot amplification procedure.

This simple, but very effective and fast and procedure performed by the experienced specialists at InnMed Clinic will enhance your sexual sensations and help you experience the sweetest bliss. Register by calling: +37070050050.