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Clitoroplasty (also known as a hoodectomy) is an invasive reconstructive procedure during which the skin around the clitoris is removed to reduce the size of the clitoral hood. The aim of this surgery is to increase the sensitivity of the clitoris, thereby enhancing the sensations experienced during intimacy and improving the quality of a woman’s relationship.

According to surveys, only 15 per cent of women experience vaginal orgasms. For others, this can only be achieved by externally stimulating the clitoris. However, sometimes the clitoris is covered with a thick layer of skin, which becomes a serious obstacle to achieving an orgasm during sexual intercourse. With a simple clitoral plastic surgery, orgasms can become easier to achieve, as well as stronger and longer. The clitoroplasty is often performed together with a small labia corrective surgery.

A gynaecologist consultation is required before the surgery. Make an appointment by calling: + 37070050050. The experienced specialists at InnMed Clinic will work to solve your problem quickly and discreetly, so that you can once more enjoy a fulfilling sex life.