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Electric shockwave therapy helps to substantially eliminate the causes of erectile dysfunction

According to the statistics, nearly a third of men experience erectile dysfunction. More than 50 per cent of men in their fifties suffer from this problem!

Erectile dysfunction is a health problem where a man is unable to engage in intercourse due to insufficiently firm erection. Although there is no need to panic if you are facing this problem for the first time, if a sufficiently firm erection is not achieved under favourable conditions and sufficient sexual arousal, specialist assistance should be sought immediately.

Many men mistakenly believe that erectile dysfunction is a natural consequence of ageing and should simply be accepted. Urologists warn that this problem will not resolve on its own, however advanced treatments can quickly and effectively eliminate the causes that interfere with your intimate quality of life.

Currently, the most effective that is recognised by specialists as the most efficient treatment of erectile dysfunction is the electric shockwave therapy with the new generation Renova device.

Various other treatments for erectile dysfunction previously used: psychotherapy, hormone therapy, special medications, injections, vacuum-induced erections and even implantable penile prostheses failed to eliminate the cause of the disease and allowed to only temporarily achieve the desired erection.

A non-invasive, pain-free electric shockwave therapy that does not cause any discomfort to a patient helps to temporarily achieve the desired erection and to substantially eliminate the cause of erectile dysfunction. Low-intensity shockwaves generated by an electromagnetically-operated medical device stimulate the formation of new blood vessels and the dilation of existing ones. The course of treatment consists of four 30-minute procedures, which are recommended to be performed once a week. After a significant improvement in the penile blood flow following the treatment, men can experience a normal erection again and enjoy a satisfying sex life. According to research, following treatment with electric shockwave therapy, erectile dysfunction was completely resolved in 79 per cent of the patients.

This well-tolerated electric shockwave therapy free of side-effects is currently the best choice for men who want to permanently eliminate the causes of erectile dysfunction. Electric shockwave therapy is also recommended when potency-enhancing drugs have failed to produce the desired outcome or if their side-effects are too detrimental.

Specialists would like to remind that the quality of intimate life is of great importance for a person’s general well-being, happiness and success in other areas of life. The repeated failures during sexual intercourse affect our physical and emotional health, as well as our quality of life.

With the development of medical technologies, the novel and more innovative treatment methods of erectile dysfunction are becoming available, thus, it is important to consult a doctor without delay, if you experience any symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

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