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Defects of the labia
Loss of hymen
Stretching of the vagina
Defects of the labia
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Anatomical defects of the labia can be congenital or can be caused by genetics and hormones, changes in the urinary tract as a results of inflammations, injuries and childbirth. The size of the labia can cause discomfort during intercourse, sports, when wearing underwear or a swimsuit. The size of the labia could be a cause of hygiene problems.
Advanced modern medicine offers a variety of ways to effectively solve sensitive problems and correct intimate beauty.
Labiaplasty is the correction of the shape of the small and large labia. The aim of this procedure is to help women regain self-confidence, improve emotional well-being and sex life and, at the same time, their quality of life. Labiaplasty is not only an aesthetic procedure. It is also aimed at restoration of the function of the labia. The small labia is responsible directing the urine stream, which, if disrupted, results in urinary incontinence. Meanwhile, the large labia covers the small labia and protects the vagina from infection. If these tissues have atrophied, the small labia and the vagina will not be protected. Therefore, restoring the volume of the large labia provides not only an aesthetic but also a functional solution.
Labiaplasty can be performed by conventional surgery or by a laser.

Loss of hymen
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The virginal membrane or hymen is a thin piece of mucosal tissue between the vagina and the vulval vestibule that usually ruptures during the first intercourse. The presence of hymen is associated with an absence of intimate relations. In some cultures, virginity is particularly important in a religious sense. However, even in our environment, the loss of virginity sometimes becomes an obstacle for building long-term, trust-based relationships, making the restoration of the hymen an increasingly popular procedure.
A surgical procedure, called hymenoplasty, repairs the hymen to the state it was in before a woman began active sex life. Sometimes, the restoration of the hymen helps not only to remove the traces of careless youthful love adventures, but also to forget about past psychological traumas and, so to speak, give oneself a fresh start.

Stretching of the vagina
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Childbirth, especially recurrent or traumatic, may cause severe stretching of the vaginal walls, the tissue of which does not always recover to their original condition. Sometimes, due to weak genital muscles, a “stretched” vagina can be congenital. The vagina can also lose its elasticity and tightness over the years, due to changes in the hormone balance, decreased mucus production, changes in cell and tissue structure, loss of collagen and moisture, decreased tissue tone, and thinning of the epidermis.
As the vagina increases, a woman’s sexual sensitivity decreases, and she no longer experiences pleasure during sex. Experiencing satisfaction becomes more difficult for her partner as well.
Vaginoplasty (also known as colpoplasty) is an invasive reconstruction procedure performed in order to tighten up the vagina, restore its firmness, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and regain the lost joy of intimate life. This operation is sometimes called vaginal narrowing or vaginal rejuvenation.

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Labiaplasty is the correction of the shape of the small and large labia. The aim of this procedure is to help a woman regain self-confidence, improve their sex life and, at the same time, restore their quality of life.

Anatomical changes of the labia can be congenital, but the small labia can also increase in size due to genetic or hormonal reasons, post-inflammatory urinary tract lesions, trauma and after childbirth.

Advanced modern medicine offers a variety of ways to correct your intimate beauty.

At InnMed Clinic, labia correction can be performed by laser or surgery. You can decide which method suits you best during a consultation with your doctor.

Do you experience discomfort due to the size of your labia during intercourse or sport activities, or do you feel unattractive and insecure while wearing a swimsuit? Is the size of your labia causing hygiene problems?

The specialists at InnMed Clinic have many years of experience in solving delicate problems. They will gladly help you to solve any physiological, sexual and psychological problems efficiently and discreetly.


Vaginoplasty (also known as colpoplasty) is an invasive reconstruction procedure performed in order to tighten up the vagina, restore its firmness and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. This operation is sometimes called vaginal narrowing or vaginal rejuvenation.

Vaginoplasty is recommended for women who have lost their vaginal tightness and elasticity. They might feel discomfort during intercourse after childbirth, trauma or natural ageing. The loss of vaginal tone reduces the sexual sensitivity for both partners, making it harder to achieve satisfaction.

Vaginoplasty narrows and rejuvenates the tissues of the vaginal and pelvic floor (perineum), improving a woman’s physical and emotional well-being and restoring a fulfilling intimate life.

A consultation with a gynaecologist is required before the surgery. Make an appointment by telephone: +370 661 10011. The experienced InnMed professionals will quickly and effectively solve your most delicate problem and help restore your self-confidence.


Clitoroplasty (also known as a hoodectomy) is an invasive reconstructive procedure during which the skin around the clitoris is removed to reduce the size of the clitoral hood. The aim of this surgery is to increase the sensitivity of the clitoris, thereby enhancing the sensations experienced during intimacy and improving the quality of a woman’s relationship.

According to surveys, only 15 per cent of women experience vaginal orgasms. For others, this can only be achieved by externally stimulating the clitoris. However, sometimes the clitoris is covered with a thick layer of skin, which becomes a serious obstacle to achieving an orgasm during sexual intercourse. With a simple clitoral plastic surgery, orgasms can become easier to achieve, as well as stronger and longer. The clitoroplasty is often performed together with a small labia corrective surgery.

A gynaecologist consultation is required before the surgery. Make an appointment by calling: + 37070050050. The experienced specialists at InnMed Clinic will work to solve your problem quickly and discreetly, so that you can once more enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

Laser vaginal reconstruction

With age and as the hormonal balance changes, many women experience decreased mucus production, changes of cell and tissue structure, reduced collagen and a loss of moisture, decreased tissue tone and a thinning of the epidermis. As a result, the vagina can lose its elasticity and tightness, while its mucous membrane becomes sensitive to mechanical impact and infections. Women may also feel discomfort during sexual intercourse due to a dry vagina that causes itching, burning and pain.

The laser vaginal reconstruction is a minimally invasive procedure aimed at narrowing and rejuvenating the tissues of the vaginal and pelvic floor (perineum) and restoring pleasure in one’s intimate life. This procedure does not require surgery, incisions or anaesthesia. The laser vaginal reconstruction procedure is most commonly performed on women whose vagina has lost its elasticity and tone due to childbirth, trauma, congenital pathologies or age.

During the procedure, the energy released by the laser is transferred to the cells of the vaginal and external genital tissues. This stimulates the production of collagen, which helps to restore the natural tightness, elasticity and original appearance of the vaginal canal. After the laser vaginal reconstruction procedure, you will be able to enjoy having sex again, resulting in an improved quality of life.

During the postoperative period, there may be minimal tension and increased sensitivity of the vaginal and perineal tissues. It is necessary to abstain from sexual intercourse and to restrict your physical activity for …. days after the procedure.

Vaginal narrowing and laser rejuvenation treatments can be performed on both postpartum and non-postpartum women.

Make an appointment by telephone: +370 661 10011. We will help you regain a fulfilling intimate life.


Hymenoplasty (also known as hymenorrhaphy) is a simple invasive surgical procedure of repair of the hymen – a thin layer of mucous membrane between the vagina and vulval vestibule that separates a woman’s internal genitalia from the external. Its purpose is to protect undeveloped internal genitalia from viruses, bacteria, foreign bodies, and also from various infectious diseases. It may tear at the first sexual intercourse and no longer grows back.

The hymen repair or virginity restoration procedure is usually performed by suturing the remnants of the hymen with dissolvable stitches, thus narrowing the vaginal opening.

A more complicated procedure is also possible – a complete restoration of the hymen, when during the surgery a new hymen is created from the mucous membrane in the vulval vestibule and its natural form is restored.

Do you want sex to make an impression of the first night? Do not hesitate and contact experienced InnMed Clinic specialists. Make an appointment by telephone: +370 661 10011.

G-spot amplification

G-spot amplification (G-Shot injection) is a procedure during which collagen or hyaluronic injections are made in a particularly sensitive erogenous zone in the front of the vaginal wall called the ‘G’ (Gräfenberg) spot. This procedure is performed for women who want to experience a stronger sexual arousal and more intense orgasm.

The injections augment the G-spot area, making it more sensitive and easier to excite. According to the women who have undergone this procedure, their sexual arousal is accelerated, while their orgasms typically become more frequent and last longer. The results of the procedure can be enjoyed for up to 9 months.

A consultation with a physician is required before the G-spot amplification procedure.

This simple, but very effective and fast and procedure performed by the experienced specialists at InnMed Clinic will enhance your sexual sensations and help you experience the sweetest bliss. Register by calling: +370 661 10011.

Genital wart removal

Genital warts (condylomas) usually occur on the external genitalia and mucous membranes, as well as around the anus, perineum and gluteal area. Usually, they do not cause any adverse symptoms apart from occasional irritability and itching. Genital warts are contracted through sexual intercourse or through contact with infected objects. If left untreated, these genital warts can start to grow, expand and spread, and can even cause the development of cervical cancer.

Nowadays, the most effective way of removing warts and papillomas is with laser therapy. Laser removal of genital warts, papillomas and other skin formations not only improves the appearance of skin in the genitalia, but also helps prevent the development of oncological diseases and reduces the risk of transmitting the human papillomavirus (HPV) to sexual partners.

At InnMed Clinic, the removal of genital warts and other skin growths on the external genitalia is performed using a state-of-the-art laser. Thanks to this device, the treatment can be performed with utmost precision without damaging the surrounding tissue. The laser beams are pointed with precision to destroy the cells of growth and permanently remove it.

Take care of your health on time! Make an appointment by telephone: +370 661 10011.