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Plastic and reconstructive facial and body surgery

Modern and safe methods of correction of the face, the body, and the groin area with some of the best specialists in Vilnius
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Modern plastic surgery methods in one clinic in the center of Vilnius

Beauty injections

Small facial features and imperfections can be removed with small-scale surgery and even injection.
  • Our specialists use botulin toxin injections to make corrections of the forehead, chin, lips, and wrinkles around the eyes and to lift the corners of the mouth. The procedure is done with local anaesthesia. Swelling, small hematomas, or bruising can last several days. To improve healing, the recommendation is to apply cold compresses for two days after the procedure;
  • Hyaluronic acid has wide application in modern cosmetology. Safe and effective injections of this preparation help restore natural beauty, the elasticity of skin, giving it a fresh look, improving the skin colour and quality;
  • InnMed’s plastic surgeons offer a unique PRP treatment that involves injections of the patient’s own blood plasma enriched with thrombocytes. This method triggers the self-rejuvenation mechanism in the body and promotes the recovery of flabby skin without the benefit of any synthetic preparations. The effective action of the patient’s own collagen-generating cells can be seen in just a few days after the treatment. The PRP treatment has successful application in trichology, where it is used to improve the hair density and scalp health. With this treatment, our specialists are able to resolve a lot of scalp problems and restore the beauty and healthy shine of the hair in the shortest time possible;
  • When you are choosing your plastic and reconstructive surgeon, it is important to make sure that he or she is a true professional. InnMed only employs experienced and qualified specialists so our clients can trust us. All treatments are preceded by thorough consultations and are done safely and comfortably.
Eyelid plastic surgery

Eyelid plastic surgery

A person’s look is worth a thousand words. Fatigue, signs of ageing, sleep or vitamin deprivation – it is all reflected in the area around our eyes. Luckily, there are ways to restore an open, fresh, and radiant look! Eyelid plastic surgery (blepharoplasty) successfully helps resolve problems such as bags under the eyes, heavy look, dropping upper eyelids that hide the colour of the eyes.
InnMed’s specialists offer three types of blepharoplasty to our patients:
InnMed’s specialists offer three types of blepharoplasty to our patients:
  • Suborbital blepharoplasty. Removal of excess fat and skin in the suborbital area;
  • Upper eyelid area. Removal of excess fat and skin in the upper eyelid area;
  • Periorbital area. Removal excess fat and skin around the eyes.

Blepharoplasty eliminates swelling, corrects asymmetric eyes, ‘opens’ the look through corrections of drooping upper eyelids, renders the look expressive and young-looking. The surgery usually involves full anaesthesia to prevent any unpleasant sensations.

Eyelid plastic surgery is between 30 minutes to 1 hour long, depending on how complicate the necessary corrections area. The post-op recovery is easy, and complete recovery is made in about a month.
Breast plastic surgery

Breast plastic surgery

Beautiful breasts are a source of self-confidence to the woman. Giving birth, breastfeeding, age, and genetic predisposition make breasts gradually lose their elasticity, shape and sag. A lot of women also worry that their breasts are too small or too big.
InnMed offers the following services:
InnMed offers the following services:
  • Breast lift
    The surgery is done under full anaesthesia and takes between 2 and 3 hours. The surgeon makes an incision in the shape of an anchor, then removes excess skin, pulls the tissues together, makes corrections as to the position of the nipples and the size of the areola, gives the breast the desired and fitting size and fullness in proportion to the body.
  • Breast enlargement
    Doctors use implants or fat tissue of the patient from the hip, stomach, back, and other areas as fillers. The surgery is done under full anaesthesia and takes between 1 and 3 hours.

    Breast lift surgery can be done in combination with breast reduction or enlargement.
  • Effective gynecomastia treatment for men.
    Pathological enlargement of mammary glands for male can be succefully treated during gynecomastia surgery by InnMed clinic specialists
Krūtų pakėlimo operacija gali būti atliekama kartu su krūtinės mažinimu ar didinimu.


It is a surgical procedure aimed at removing localised fat deposits that cannot be eliminated with diet and exercise. It helps patients get rid of excess fat on the stomach, at the back, on the waist, pelvis, hips, knees, shoulders, or chin.

The surgery is done under full or local anaesthesia. The doctor injects the problem areas with a special solution to reduce post-op bleeding and pain. Up to 3 or 4 litres of fat can be removed in one procedure.

We recommend spending the day after the surgery at the clinic for observation. After you are discharged, observation is done on outpatient basis. Compression clothes are required for 1 to 2 months after the surgery.

Liposuction is an effective way to significantly reduce your body weight, regain the desired shape, feel healthy and sexy again!

Modern plastic surgical treatments at InnMed Vilnius

Modern plastic surgical treatments at InnMed Vilnius

Removal of Bichat cheek fat, duration: about 1 hour.

Fat located in the cheek area is a rather frequent problem that causes worry and discomfort for a lot of women. Bichat cheeks are a genetic condition that has nothing to do with your body weight, and can only be removed surgically as such.
The procedure:
The procedure:
  • The doctor performs local or full anaesthesia (as per the patient’s request);
  • A small incision is made in the mucous membrane of the mouth, near upper teeth;
  • The incision is used to remove some of the Bichat fat under the cheekbone, giving the face a V shape;
  • The incision is sutured with self-dissolving threat.
The swelling goes away in a couple of weeks. The final result can be seen in 2 to 3 weeks following the procedure.
Labial plastic surgery

Labial plastic surgery

Asymmetry, inherent conditions, enlarged labia, and injuries at birth-giving cause women discomfort whilst exercising, moving, make them feel bad about their intimate area. Therefore, in addition to losing the aesthetic good looks, these problems often area a cause of physical and psychological discomfort as well.

At InnMed, labial plastic surgery is done under full or local anaesthesia. The surgery is between 30 and 60 minutes long.

Complete rest and responsible observation of the doctor’s orders is recommended for 2 to 4 days after the surgery. A regime of no intercourse, no exercise, no swimming pool and steam bath is to be followed for a month, and no smoking and no alcohol for 6 weeks.

Labial plastic correction can be done in combination with the correction of the tissue around the clitoris.
Removal of skin formations

Removal of skin formations

Various skin abnormalities ruin the aesthetic good looks of the skin, cause discomfort, and may be a health hazard.

Specialists at InnMed perform checks, removal, and histological tests of moles and other formations.
Based on the diagnosis, location, and risk of injury, a formation can be removed:
Based on the diagnosis, location, and risk of injury, a formation can be removed:
  • with an electrical coagulator;
  • surgically.

During the surgery, the surgeon makes an incision, removes the undesired tissue, and applies stitches. If the formation is small, the specialist will apply a skin patch. Removed tissue is sent out for a histological test.

Some moles and formations such as atheromas, lipomas must be removed lest they evolve in a malignant tumour.
Scar removal

Scar removal

Scars on the skin can be a cause of psychological and physical discomfort and reduced mobility.
Scars on the skin can be a cause of psychological and physical discomfort and reduced mobility.
Scars on the skin can be a cause of psychological and physical discomfort and reduced mobility.
  • reduction of the width of the scar;
  • correction of the surface of the tissue;
  • removal of a foreign body;
  • alteration of the shape of the scar;
  • making the scar invisible.

It is important that the patient follows the doctor’s recommendations after the surgery by staying out of direct sunlight and avoiding sunbeds, using protection, and avoiding possible skin lesions.

Doctors recommend that scar plastic surgery should be performed at least six months after the injury.
Give yourself the gift of self-confidence!

Detailed consultation with a plastic surgeon when performing a beauty injection procedure only costs 40€

We care about our patients during the post-op period, too!
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The outcome was better than I had expected. I went for a lip correction and enhancement procedure. The face changed a lot, and all to the best! The swelling was almost gone in just 3 days.


Very carefully, very gently, patiently – that is how my visit to the surgeon went. Any doubt just went away and I registered for a surgery the very same day. The last stitches have been taken out recently. I really love the way I look now.


I had been worried about two moles on my back, the doctor took a look, did a test, and recommended a removal. I agreed, everything was pain-free and healed quickly, there was virtually no trace left.


Three years after I gave birth, I dreamed about having an intimate plastic surgery. My dream came true! Dr Šemetienė has gold hands and a good heart. She supported me morally, and the result did not disappoint.


I had been thinking about contacting you over a breast correction. I was afraid and had my doubts, but after a consultation, I clearly knew what I wanted. The doctor brought all my wishes to life. Everything will heal soon, and I can already see the beautiful shape!


I am quite thin, but the cheeks had always been a nuisance. Finally, I had my Bichat cheeks removed! The whole operation took about 40 minutes and I felt nothing thanks to anaesthesia.


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