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About INNMED Clinic

High professionalism
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Our mission

As medical practice has developed around the world and the needs of patients are better identified, we have realised the necessity to respond to these needs and to establish a clinic that specialises in addressing delicate issues.

At first glance, these problems may not seem serious, but patients often do not dare to discuss the issues that are significantly aggravating their quality of life with a doctor.

While male erectile dysfunction, women’s dissatisfaction with the appearance of their external genital or discomfort during sexual intercourse are not problems that endanger a person’s life, these problems have a profound effect on our psychological state, leading to depression and a lower quality of life, and having a considerable effect on the relationship with a partner.

For example, take haemorrhoids: these are a very common problem that is not difficult to treat if diagnosed in time. But unfortunately, many people avoid talking about haemorrhoids, often hiding the problem even from their loved ones and delay seeing a doctor. Without treatment, the condition will progress while the pain intensifies, discomfort increases, and the treatment will become much longer and more complicated.

Our goal is to ensure that every patient at InnMed Clinic feels safe and comfortable, whatever their problem.

We know that accurate professional solutions and selection of the most effective treatment methods are important for solving delicate issues – but the trust of patients is no less important. Therefore, our specialists offer empathy, genuine concern and personal attention to everyone, while safety and confidentiality are the business cards of our clinic.

Our goal is to solve the problems of our patients quickly, comfortably and efficiently. Close collaboration with Israeli medical professionals allows us to offer a global experience, with the latest and most effective treatments that will quickly bring back happiness to our patients.

About us

InnMed Clinic in Vilnius is an innovative medical institution. Our main goal is to provide modern, high-quality and safe medical services to help people find prompt solutions to their health problems.

Our professional specialists have more than 20 years of experience in the private medical sector, with knowledge of cutting-edge equipment, modern and friendly treatment methods, and a unique range of specialisations. As a result, a wide range of high quality services are available at InnMed Clinic.

We pay special attention to the quality and safety of our services, to ensure they meet the highest quality standards in accordance with the requirements of the European Union.

In our modern times, people want to solve their health problems quickly and turn to doctors in the hope of receiving effective help. The goal of our team of highly-experienced medical professionals is not only to satisfy the expectations of each patient, but also to provide more than they expect.

Our doctors include specialists in a range of fields and they are always ready to listen, delve into details, perform the necessary examinations, offer advice and prescribe the most effective treatment.

InnMed Clinic offers the following services performed by a team of qualified medical professionals:

  • Modern technology-based proctology.

The best specialists in their field utilise state-of-the-art medical equipment and modern medical technologies to help treat haemorrhoids and other diseases of the rectum and anus comfortably and efficiently, without any surgical intervention.

  • Effective solutions to potency problems.

With the help of advanced treatment methods, the highly-qualified specialists at InnMed Clinic will eliminate the causes that interfere with a man’s quality of life quickly and effectively, without surgical intervention.

  • Professional aesthetic gynaecology.

Aesthetic changes to the genitalia, as well as unsatisfactory and painful sex, loss of moisture, urinary incontinence and complications after childbirth are just some of the problems that can be effectively solved by an aesthetic gynaecologist. Modern procedures and micro-surgeries provide opportunities to quickly resolve women’s intimate problems and bring back a more fulfilling life.

  • Safe and comfortable pregnancy care.

With modern testing equipment and individual attention, our considerate, caring and understanding specialists will ensure that every future mother is receives special attention and professional case, while feeling comfortable and safe throughout her pregnancy.

Another important advantage of InnMed Clinic is that our doctors receive supervision, advice and consultations from medical experts from Israel. In the case of a more complex issue, a medical conferences will be organised, which allows us to offer our patients a global experience, with accurate solutions and the most effective treatment for each situation.

At InnMed Clinic, we pay special attention to ensuring the privacy of our patients and the confidentiality of their health information. It is very important that at our patients feel not only safe, but also comfortable when visiting out clinic. Therefore, we pay close attention to each individual and strive to ensure that every single visit produces only positive feelings.

Trust your health to the InnMed Clinic professionals! We are waiting and are ready to help you.

Our specialists

Asta Pukinskiene

Surgeon and proctologist

Edgaras Smolskas

Surgeon and proctologist

The doctor treats hemorrhoids, anal fissures, other proctological diseases with medical, procedural and surgical methods, performs other surgical interventions: removal of lipomas and other skin formations, resection of ingrown nails, etc.

Jurgis Dulinskas

Rehabilitation physician and internal medicine specialist

Olga Žemaitienė

Ultrasound doctor

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